Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Why Rody Duterte is a game changer

Inspite of his so-called "crudeness" and his "lack of decorum", Rody Duterte continues to create tremendous impact in the minds and consciousness of so many people, including the so-called moralizing elite. Many have commended against him, especially those comments which many people found "offensive" some of them about Pope Francis and extra judicial executions. Publicity operators are hard at work, especially from the camps of competing presidentiables, trying to find even the minutest fault at Duterte.

Duterte's propaganda strategy is as old as Methuselah, but it works, mainly because it strives to be disruptive. Yes, disruptive communication works in eliciting reaction. However, managing such a strategy is like walking on tightrope.

Why is Duterte's message resonading so much with millions of Filipinos? Simple. At the onset, the rules of the game were set---expect him to be "himself" --a straight shooter, a trash talker, a living quotable quote. And the surveys show that people already accepted him like that. Don't be amazed because there were so many people like Duterte who preceeded him, and like him, had been a darling of the crowd inspite of their "crass" behavior.

We had so many people praising and honoring Antonio Luna for his big words. We had Manilenos treating Mayor Arsenio Lacson like god when he was fighting the maton of Manila. We were praising Mayor Alfredo "Dirty Harry" Lim for his liquidation squads and other public personalities

Big words define an individual. And Duterte is no exception.

What Duterte is trying to do is engage the Big Boys. At this early, Duterte wants to see if he can engage them to a fight. The "Big Boys" are the players of this political game, many of whom are self-moralizing shits trying to hide what they really do---rob and steal us blind.

Duterte is here not to do that but to reform. And you cannot reform something if they think of you as small as an ant. You need to be big. And bigness here in this country, in this society, means you have the "balls" to take on the more crass people wearing expensive suits.

Nababastusan ka ke Duterte? Bakit hindi ka nababastusan sa ginagawa sa iyo ng mga may-ari ng malalaking kumpanyang nagnanakaw sa iyo ng bilyon-bilyon?

nahihintakutan ka sa pagpatay? bakit, ilang bata at matatanda ang namamatay sa gutom araw-araw? ilang milyon ang pinapatay ng kahirapan sa araw-araw? at ilang milyong Pilipino din ang namamatay dahil sa kapabayaan ng pamahalaan?

nagagaslawan ka sa pagiging babaero ni Duterte? tell me, how many mistresses exist and living in our midst? how many politicos maintain one or two or more paramours?

babaero? Just look at Joseph Estrada. Don't tell me that San Juan mayor Guia Gomez is not a mistress?