Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2016 Philippine Presidential Elections: From how many did someone killed to slap me for my Wharton diploma

Speaker Sonny Belmonte wants Davao mayor Rody Duterte to name those he killed. While his presidential bet Mar Roxas dared Duterte to slap him if his Wharton record is not real. Wow.

Instead of discussing pertinent socio-economic and political issues, these candidates for the presidency act like they are just gunning for a local executive post. I mean, hey, these kinds of exchanges happen in a mayoral contest. This is the presidency, the highest executive post of the land they are contesting or fighting among themselves! Yet, these candidates are treating this like shit.

For the past few weeks shortly after the filing of their candidacies, candidates and their publicity handlers were consistent in talking about themselves instead of the country. Even political ads reflect the "state of mind" and the "publicity strategy" being employed by these people and quite expectedly, they think that it is more pertinent to discuss their academic and criminal records before the people.

Frankly, we expect a higher level of discussion. I think though that such a level would never really happen, not until we have a more worthy set of candidates. I blame Senators Cayetano, Trillianes and Pimentel, these three stupid guys, for initiating this kind of talk to dominate the presidential discussion.