Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wharton or not

The main reason why this sampalan issue came about is the impression that Roxas is claiming to be a Wharton School of Economics graduate, which to Duterte's mind, simply means someone who graduated with an MBA from that school, because hey, the reason why Upenn is so prestigious is because it has a world-class business school, and that is Wharton.

The misunderstanding is very simple--Roxas is indeed a Wharton business school graduate of a BA economics degree, whereas, Duterte has this impression that Roxas claims to be an MBA graduate because Filipinos know Wharton as a business school offering courses for MBA. Was there a deliberate attempt to mislead the public on the part of Roxas? No. He is, in fact, a Wharton graduate of Economics. Was there a deliberate attempt by Duterte to mislead the public about Roxas' true academic record? No, because Duterte is a simple man who shares the widespread perception that when someone claims to be a Wharton graduate, he thinks of that man, as an MBA or someone who has finished an MBA.

Enuf said.

What is so bad about this silly episode is this---yes, you are a Wharton graduate alright but why did you fail in every single government post assigned to you? You were DTI but during your incumbency, nothing substantial happened. You were DILG SECRETARY but you were'nt able to use what you learned in school to benefit the many.

There's an answer to that---Mar is not MBA, he's an economics undergraduate.