Saturday, December 5, 2015

Filipino Youth Rises Up Against Chinese intrusions in what is ours--Spratlys

A group of idealistic teenagers are now in Palawan, determined to reach the Pag-asa island. When asked what they intend to do, they want to live for a month in the island to show the world that those tiny islets and islands and even if they are just rocks dotting in a watery landscape is still treasures that Filipinos own and are valuable to be kept.

This is a direct slap on the faces of former president Fidel V Ramos who allowed those islets to be occupied by these Chinese who think they own the world because China is now the biggest economy in the world.

This is a slap on the faces of PLDT owner Manny Pangilinan who once thought of mining the resources of these islets and islands together with the Chinese and with those who succeeded Ramos, namely Estrada, Arroyo and Benigno Aquino who allowed further Chinese intrusions into the Philippine territory.

Our leaders and our elders are supposed to show what is Right before the eyes of these youths, but it seems that the younger generation is the one teaching us what to do. This is obviously a slap in our faces, a sign for us to wake up.

God is opening our eyes to the brutal reality of our times and the need for action, even drastic ones, to correct these monumental errors that lay before us.

For these youths, this is neither a matter of defense nor of foreign policy, but a very simple case of asserting sovereignty. For them, it is unacceptable to hear our government trying to caution every single one to act when the very fact is, China already intruded into our territory, plain and simple. Those structures which are already built there are already proof of Chinese disrespect and violation of our sovereignty.

I remember Argentina when they fought the British over tiny islands which obviously are part of their national territory. Yes, they lost the war, but they showed the world that even though Argentina is a small and weaker country than Britain, they are ready to sacrifice themselves just for those islands.

Government wants us to continue talking with the Chinese when China already said that they don't want to talk and they will not respect a decision of an international tribunal. 

China is not honoring anything--why negotiate with a brute? That brute already put his one foot forward and already made a trespass over your backyard and you still want to talk with them probably to ask them to politely lift their smelly feet off your territory?

Centuries past, when the House of Soliman still ruled these parts, these Chinese were deathly afraid of us, Tagalogs, because we were fierce warriors. We were killing these bastards, making mince meat out of them, and now we are afraid of them?

Are we afraid of China's 1 million standing army? I dare these bastards to come here, and we will mow them down tens of thousands of them. They will see their sons and daughters die in our plains, in our jungles, in our 

I tell these youths out there--Raise the banner of the Tagalog warriors!! You are inheritors of a proud race--the Tagalog race and this term was not considered a regionalist term centuries past, oh no! It was a noble and highly respected and feared description of a race of people whose love for their country exceeds even their own.

Arise, o you Rajah Soliman! Bestow your blessings and strength to these Youths, and let them be your sword and banner! Let these Youths call themselves the Sword of Soliman (SoS), a reminder of the proud tradition of Patriotism in these parts.

Do we fear the modern weapons of these Chinese? No.

Do we fear their intercontinental missiles? No.

Do we fear their huge ships and their aircraft carriers and tanks and their massive war machines? A thousand times NO!!

When you are fighting for what is Right, God is definitely with you! God will help us destroy and put this pseudo-Giant to its knees, the very same way, we did against the Giants of Old!

As said in the Holy Scriptures, God will put down the haughty and proud and make them slaves of God's people! God will never allow these lands to be taken over by these gooks.

Why do I believe that, in a war, we will triumph over these gooks? Five things:

First, our military is combat-ready. Our soldiers are some of the fiercest fighters in the world. They have been trained with the best military powers and they have experienced combat.

The Chinese Liberation Army (CLA) is not. The last combat they had was with beads-carrying Hindu mystics in the mountains of Tibet. And they are known only to combat their own kind.

Second, our peoples are some of the fiercest and most innovative people of the world. We are born to be guerillas. Like what we did with these Japanese soldiers who mistakenly took and entered our territory, we will slowly kill these Chinese soldiers and they will blame their leaders for deploying them here. It would take some time, but hey, we always do what we vow to do. We will make an example of these Chinese for all the world to see. Every captured coolie, we will roast his skin like chicaron and will feed him to our dogs. Others, we will put in a stake and grill them like what we do with our pigs.

Third, the free world would come to our aid. Our American and Japanese brothers would provide us with modern weaponry. All we need to do if these Chinese do try to mobilize more of their resources to occupy our islands, is to capture their  assets here in our country, ask their businessmen to leave these shores, otherwise, we will be constrained to imprison them and or shoot them--every one of them coolies.

Fourth, the Chinese economy is dependent on markets. We will ask the free world to boycott every Made in China product and let us see if the Chinese people themselves would not militate against their own government.

Finally, I believe that God is on our side and God will not allow these Chinese coolies turned Imperialists to defeat us.