Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Revolution That Would Change the World

What is the difference between what you are now and what you were twenty years ago? Answer--you are wiser now, more equipped now and more than ever trying to change the world.

Why do you want to change the world? Answer--- I don't want my young kids to be victimized by a world created by naked greed.

When I was young, I wanted to change the world because I saw injustice and who likes to see other people suffer from the misfortunates brought by a system designed to suck every marrow out of the bodies of the majority by a selected few?

Though sometimes you observe that there is really a given set of natural order and succession, with the aphids designed to benefit from the ants, and the ants designed to benefit a termite and the termite designed to benefit an anyeater.

As the highest form of living thing in this earth and probably, in this universe, the only thing that benefits from man, is man himself. That is the irony of it all. Man is supposed to benefit another living thing in this earth, but the system which was designed by man tries to harness man's creative skills to benefit just a few who controls the means of production.

Science is now breaking their hold. The more accessible technological gadgets are, the more likely a revolution in my lifetime would break out.

The economic laws have enslaved my people. It is those economic laws which would break their chains of slavery in the end.