Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Grace Poe-Llamanzares' intellectual dishonesty destroying FPJ's legacy

In one of the social gatherings I attended these past few days, one of my friends asked me “what’s my beef with Grace Poe-Llamanzares” and why is it that most of the blogs I wrote for the past few months were devoted to her?

I answered back with a matter-o-factly statement---I am angry with her because of her intellectual dishonesty which is destroying the name of her deceased adoptive father, the late FPJ whom I supported way back in 2004.

Like what Poe-Llamanzares told the media just recently---she is asserting that she is Filipino and is qualified to run for the presidency.

Mrs. Llamanzares, plu-lezz, spare us the awa effect.

There is no question that you are Filipino but to assert that you are qualified to run for the presidency smacks of your intellectual dishonesty.

You know for a fact that (1) even though you are Filipino, you are not natural-born according to what the Constitution defines a natural-born Filipino citizen is; and (2) you lack the residency requirements as what the law clearly says.

Spare us the awa effect that any decision about your case would affect Millions of foundlings in this country. According to government statistics, there is but 0.0001% foundlings here, and not all of them are running for the presidency.

Besides, any ruling about your status would not even touch or affect the right of a foundling to run for public office. You know what this issue is all about—it is all about the limitations set by the Constitution on those who want to aspire for the presidency. A foundling can run for a local post but posts like the senatorial, vice and presidential posts—these are reserved only for natural born Filipino citizen.

I would admit as to your being a Filipino citizen but as to you being a natural-born one, that is the one that is most contentious.

No one is disputing that you are qualified to run—but not for the senatorial, vice and presidential positions, for these positions are, again, reserved for natural-born Filipinos. Is this discriminatory? No. For election to an office is not a right, but is a privilege accorded by the Constitution to those who want to serve the Filipino people, and not Big Business.

Millions are asking—why are you so adamant in running for the highest post in the land? Anong meron at masyado kang gung-ho ngayon? Is it because of the millions San Miguel is pouring to your campaign?

Everyone knows that you still have 2022 for you, and by that time, you probably had stayed longer here and probably a law had already been passed which clarified the state position on foundlings. I sincerely don't know if the public remains as sympathetic to you by then, but sincerely, I think there is still some who will choose you over another.

You know why your ratings are going south as fast as a speed train? Because people are now seeing the real You--it is being revealed bit by bit, with how you conduct yourself during this time. They are being exposed to the real you---a budding trapo, pretending to sympathize with us, poor Filipinos, when, in truth and in fact, the very reason why you are running is because of your desire to help your financiers who are spending tons of monies with hopes of recouping their investments when you win.

Let the people decide? That's a stupid call. How would they decide on your case when the very issue is your real status as a candidate? If the poll body or even the Supreme Court allows such a candidate like you to run, then, that'll be the Day, when every single unqualified Filipino applicant for the top posts would howl to the high heavens and ask that even their names be included in the poll ballot.