Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pia Wurtzbach and the importance of her win as Miss Universe

God is really wonderful. He really takes care of us, Filipinos.

Message of God for us: Do not give up. We, Filipinos, are an intelligent and beautiful race.

Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach tried and failed twice in her initial forays in the beauty pageant here. On her third, Pia won and eventually she gave us our honor back as the land of the beautiful which we lost forty two years ago.

Pia is the third Filipina to win the Miss Universe crown. The first, Gloria Diaz, became Miss Universe when she was just a young woman, followed by Maggie Moran in 1973.

Truly, Pia is the new face of the Filipino millennial. Pinoy Millennials right now are very intelligent, beautiful, gracious under pressure and kind. The Filipino millennial is world-class. 

I believe that Pia's win is something God already planned long before...

For one, Pia shared that when she was young, she already dreamt of winning the Miss Universe crown. That explains why she did her best every single time because she had one goal in her mind---win the local pageants and eventually clinch the Miss Universe title.

She tried twice and were'nt even in the winning circle. On her third try, Pia won and according to my sources inside the pageant sponsor firm, she worked extremely hard because she had a vision that she would eventually win the crown.

She is so motivated and driven that she sacrificed her personal love life just to get where she is in right now. She vowed never to enter into a relationship while she works for the realization of her goal. 

When she noticed that her body had the tendency of storing fat fast, Pia went to the gym every single time just to shed those extra pounds.  

She is so trainable. Pia put into her mind and heart every single tip her handlers gave her. She is like a sponge, absorbing everything and learned from experts and other people.

That explains why when she answered the last question, Pia outclassed the other two. That's why when the results were announced, I was disappointed at first when Steve Harvey mentioned the name of Miss Colombia, who, for me, looks like tramp (to be mind about it).

When Harvey corrected himself, and announced the real winner, I heaved a sigh of relief. At last, we, Filipinos were not robbed of our victory.