Friday, January 15, 2016

Ad conditioning outcome in Supreme Court re Grace Poe TV ad

Tignan mo kung gaano kasinungaling itong si Grace Poe-Llamanzares.

Poe-Llamanzares TV ad tries to portray her case as similar with that of her deceased adoptive father, Fernando Poe Jr. Worse, she even claimed through that ad that she'll win.

Poe-Llamanzares' case is about questions on her true nationality since she is a foundling whose parents are not known and her lack of residency which is one of the requisites for qualification for those running for the presidency.

The camp of the losing presidentiable is conditioning the minds of the people that she is on the verge of clinching a win from the three cases filed against her before the Highest Court of the land. The fact is--those ads were even shown prior to the oral argument set before the SC this January 18.

This is not just immoral, improper but plain and downright crass!

Is this the way Poe-Llamanzares will conduct herself once she is in power? Are we seeing another Gloria Arroyo here in the persona of Poe-Llamanzares?

Arroyo acted LEGALLY though most of her acts are IMMORAL. Yes, I agree with Rex Gatchalian that no law has been broken. They can advertise anytime and as many as they want. Yet, look at the moral implications of their action.

I thought they are projecting Grace Poe-Llamanzares' as a moral advocate? These placements show how desperate this losing presidentiable is, just to win.

Grace Poe-Llamanzares is becoming the female counterpart of Mar Roxas. Sad, very sad.