Saturday, January 16, 2016

Oppose China's socialist imperialism

There is a growing demand for the Supreme Court to reverse its decision on the EDCA or the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement between the Philippines and the United States. Activist groups are using the sovereignty card in opposing the EDCA, saying, and even portraying the agreement as something that would eventually lead to the re-opening of military bases in the Philippines.

The public expects these groups to show a similar act and use the sovereignty card before China's hawkish leaders. Deng Xiaoping, the one who ushered the revival of capitalism in China through state reforms, agrees with me when I say, that sovereign peoples around the world, have the right to oppose this growing threat of China's socialist imperialism.The fact is--Deng was the one who told the United Nations to oppose China if it shows its ugly face as an imperialist.

Socialist imperialism is like any other form of imperialism---abusive, offensive and downright oppressive to other peoples, and therefore, must be defeated at the soonest possible time. This is not about a balance of powers--this is about containing a country which has taken a decisive route in abandoning Socialist economics in exchange for capitalism, and now suffers from over supply, the very same scourge that they already know when they were still true-blue Socialists.