Sunday, January 10, 2016

From "Tuwid" to "Tuwad"--Government now "open for business"

Do you know why nobody believes in what Mar Roxas is telling people about the necessity of Tuwid na Daan? The reason is simple--he and the rest of the members of this administration, particularly those who count themselves as members of the Liberal party are the very ones not implementing the true principles of Tuwid na Daan.

As early as November of last year, these scumbags from the LP have taken a path which I described as Tuwad na daan---encouraging their members to generate funds for the party. This is actually worse than what Walden Bello recently had the occasion to tell the people. Worse that these scumbags are using billions from Big Businessmen's monies but worst still is when these people use public funds or use agencies of government as cash cows.

These people are jeopardizing national security, as in the case of the Bureau of Immigration where, I heard from highly reliable sources, Associate Commissioner Gilbert Repizo has ordered several close people of a Faizal Hussin, who now got his old job back as BI intelligence chief, to open ports for "business". What this means is that the very bureau tasked by the People to safeguard border controls and disallow fellow Filipinos from being trafficked abroad, is now once more "open for business--meaning for a sum of money, these BI officials would allow a foreign criminal to enter or leave this country inspite of his cases or allow an OFW to go to a war-torn country for a petty sum of 40,000 pesos each. The Immigration is our last defense against the entry of criminals and foreign demons. Now, the floodgates have been opened.

I can cite many more agencies of government now "open for business" when before syndicates of old are fearful of being prosecuted for doing illicit activities; now, the entire bureaucracy is now tolerating the very acts of graft that this administration has vowed to suppress in its first years.

Why, Mr. President--why did you abandon Tuwid na Daan? Why did you do it for the sake of a unacceptable candidate and a moribund traditional political party? 

Is it worth it? Is it worth it allowing your very close associates to generate funds for themselves and for the party? Is it worth it sacrificing the very name and legacy of your father and mother just to ensure your political future sans legal cases?

I heard that people are now looking for third party suppliers in DPWH and DECS and other agencies of government. Several government officials are looking for "trusted third parties" who will look the other way, and give them fat commissions from projects already approved for implementation. Several people are now actively soliciting funds and the practice of getting 14% commissions from the provincial allocated funds have now reared its ugly head. 

However, when before this was organized like a well-oiled machine--now, several Janet Lim Napoleses have sprouted almost everywhere, each desirous to get at least a measy portion of the pie.

And we simply don't see any protection against these devils because the very head of government is now tolerating these immoral acts now being committed by these demons in barongs.

It is not just enough to just shrug these all off and say--its just months away from the new administration. No.

We, as citizens of this country, should stand up and protest against what is happening. 

And sadly, almost every single one of them are involved in one way or another, in worsening our condition and of prostituting government to the interests of Big Business and grafters and syndicate members imbedded in government.