Sunday, January 10, 2016

Presidentiable's campaign in tatters

Presidentiable in serious sh....t

Do you know that this presidentiable's campaign team is in tatters? I mean, infighting is a very kind way of describing what is happening to them, but demoralization.

For one, their candidate is in a very serious domestic spat with his/her partner. I mean, not just the political partner but even the "other spouse." The other spouse is reportedly living in a different home, and the children have already taken sides and some are using the more popular surname of one of their parents and abandoning their legal surnames.

There are palpable signs of disintegration. For one---imagine, the candidate is now going to elementary and high schools instead of the usual public markets and instead of addressing the parents of these toddlers and teenagers, the candidate is now being fed to the wrong audience.

This is an indication that the political organizers and campaigners are losing either their marbles or just too incompetent. Or, they are losing precious political ground.

The reason for these lies before them---the candidate is heavily reliant on his/her "political partner" whose grassroots machinery is working perfectly fine and well-oiled. The political partner has not even spent millions in TV ads yet the partner tops the surveys. While, this candidate has spent close to half a billion pesos.

Many believe that the candidate wants all the election funders to pour their monies to finance TV, radio, print and even online ads because she/he gets a fat commission from placement agencies, which is actually a very safe way of generating funds for her/himself.

What was the cause of the serious rift between the presidentiable and his/her lovey dovey? You guessed right---money. One big port operator has given close to a billion and a half pesos for the campaign yet, the fund flow suddenly stopped when his/her partner complained that he/she is not being given a piece of the action.

Worse, the partner already knew that his/her "presidentiable" has, at one time, toyed with the idea of getting another person as her/his vice presidentiable. The possible partnership did not push thru because of a miscommunication--when this presidentiable invited the prospect, the prospect thought that they'll be discussing a possible political partnership with him as the presidentiable and not the other way around. He was invited austensibly to explore the possibility of a partnership when this person told him that she's ready to take part in the polls, as "vice." It turned out that this person was really salivating for the top post.

And to think that this person and her/his partner have been friends for several years, even this presidentiable always citing the name of her/his partner as the one who remained close to her/his deceased relative at the very end.

The problem with this presidentiable is that, until now, she/he does not have a very strong and stable political machinery to marshall her/his supporters to the precincts and ensure that her/his votes are counted. So, this campaign is really doomed from the very start.

Poor thing. Well, honestly, it's her fault. At this early stage, God has shown us how vulnerable this person is and how "starry eyed" she is with power.

There is still time for this presidentiable to quit before there is still time for her/him to salvage whatever reputation is still left.