Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Do not vote for Manny Pacquiao and discussions on the "un-natural-ness" of homosexuality

This is the first time that I'l ld this--I am asking you, my Filipino brothers, to do everything in your power and try to convince Manny Pacquiao to abandon his political ambitions. For one, we don't need a religious extremist at the Senate. The Senate is the constitutional body tasked to create laws. It is not a boxing ring or someone's religious pulpit.

The main job of a senator is to create non-discriminatory laws or laws that favor no particular group or socio-economic class. Probably Pacquiao had this thinking that he could use the Senate to promote or in furtherance of his religion which is NOT a very good idea.

Pacquiao is a danger not just to the LGBT community but to the entire Filipino nation. At a time when we need rational voices at this hallowed institution, the addition of a man like Pacquiao would cheapen this institution, and even make it the number one laughing stock of the world.

Hence, it is to the best interest of this country not to allow or knock Pacquiao out of the senate race.

Pacquiao is definitely NOT fit for the Senate. First, Pacquiao says he is a religious person. Nothing wrong with being religious except that, if he intends to mix his religious beliefs with law-making, we are in a lot of trouble. Why?

There are certain provisions in our Constitution and our code of laws that definitely do not recognize the supremacy of any one of the world's religious belief systems. Pacquiao's religion is that of Protestantism or something similar to that. Should we elect such a person, we will see laws that favor that kind of belief and that is extremely trouble-some.

We already saw how bigoted Pacquiao is when he was asked about same-sex relationships. He actually thinks that this concept should be expressly forbidden because of his warped interpretation of the Bible. And Pacquiao's basis? Aside from one quote from the Bible, Pacquiao mistakenly said that same sex is "un-natural." Meaning, it does not exist in nature.

Scientists already said that at least 500 species of animals and insects exhibit or show homosexual behavior. The fact is--Pacquiao's favorite animal, the sheep's male the ram, some rams actually establish sexual relationship with other rams. This is likewise observed with giraffes and other species of birds. Even monkeys, especially Japanese macaques, show homosexual tendencies.

The question that I would like to pose to Pacquiao is this---if homosexuality is not of God's, then, why does it exist?

And Pacquiao would surely counter that same sex relationship is a sin, therefore, not a creation of God? SIN IS LIKEWISE, GOD's creation because the very definition of sin is a violation of God's precepts. Who created those precepts? It is GOD.

Even in religious beliefs, the Pacman seems lost. Now, will you allow such a man to lead us when he himself, does not know where is going?