Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Why Manny Pacquiao deserves our boot not our votes

Someone just called Pacquiao a "bigot". Reportedly, the boxer just smiled. When asked why, Pacquiao quipped, " Tama naman ah, me bigot ako." The four-time world boxing champion probably thought that bigot means "bigote" or moustache.

Pacquiao is running for the senate, and unlike Grace Poe, he is definitely qualified since he is a natural born Filipino, and able to read and write.

What is lacking in the Constitution, especially with regards to this provision on qualifications of those who want to run as a Senator is this phrase, " able to think" or "able to use one's brain." Meaning, "able to discern what some things mean."

We are now living in the 22nd century when expectations and standards are higher than before. We want to be highly competitive and globally competitive. If that is the case, then, we must at least improve this provision of our Constitution. And bar such people like Pacquiao from running.

In the latest SWS survey, Pacquiao has ranked seventh among senatoriables. Imagine that.

I am not mocking Pacquiao the way he has mocked lesbians and gays and called them "animals", but what the f...?

We don't need another mindless spine in the senate. The Senate is not the lower house. The Senate is supposed to be more prestigious and more for the cerebral among us, not for those who literally destroy brains through their punching power.

Is Pacquiao qualified to run under the Constitution? Yes. Is he fit to become Senator? No. Why?

Just look at his lackluster performance as a Congressman. He just attended four sessions. The provinces by which he serves remain one of the poorest provinces in the country. He collected salaries from us and even refused to pay his taxes.

Pacquiao has nothing new to offer except probably the latest way on how to put someone to sleep with just one punch.

If I'm Pacquiao, I'll abandon my ambition in politics, and recognize that I am just for boxing. The fact is, even in boxing, he did not give us any honor, just air.

In this critical juncture of our history, a bigot-e like Pacquiao deserves not our vote but our boots. Kick him out of politics.