Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Grace Poe-Llamanzares--to disqualify or not--is more than judicious--it's a moral duty

I'll tell it as it is---if this country is just true to its principle of being a country of laws and not of men, this issue about Grace Poe-Llamanzares should have been resolved a long time ago and the fact is, I think it should not even reached the Supreme Court.

The fact is--if Grace Poe-Llamanzares had the right moral grounding, she should not even participated in this contest--whether it is for the presidency or the vice presidency. This is reputation shattering to say the least.

Some say, had Poe-Llamanzares considered running for the vice presidency, these cases were probably not filed at all. Wrong.

I sincerely believed that there would still be several well-meaning people---those who believed in our laws and Constitution--who would risk their monies and their reputations to contest Poe-Llamanzares' candidacy, because the pre-requisites are the same for the VP and the Presidential positions.

As we believe---condemn what is wrong, fight for what is Right. It is wrong to twist the Constitution. It is right to adhere to the principles of the Charter because it is this document that binds us together.

Clearly, if one reads the 1987 Constitution and uses several principles of statutory construction, the Charter is clear as to the status of foundlings--they are not natural born citizens of this country. The status of natural-born has been discussed in this blog well enough in the past and I will repeat what I wrote here---that, yes, prior to her becoming an American citizen, Grace Poe-Llamanzares is a Filipino citizen, but not a natural born one. Her becoming a citizen was thru adoption, which, if you look at the records, was undertaken under very suspicious circumstances. Anyway, that's another issue.

And if you apply the residency rule again stated in the Constitution as a prerequisite to those who want to contest the presidency, again, Mrs. Llamanzares lacks the requisite time period. She needs ten years of residence, period. Why? Because that would clearly show she is clearly knowledge-able of what had transpired in this country prior to the elections. We don't want to elect someone who does not know or who only have a very cursory knowledge of our affairs, right?

Cut the crap that this ruling would affect foundlings everywhere---count all foundlings in this country and tell me how many of them wants to run for president? Are we referring to a million foundlings?

Cut the crap that this ruling would surely affect the records of foundlings everywhere--this is another ruse to deflect the people's attention and focus more on melodrama than adherence to law.

Sources say we will know by today or tomorrow what the Supreme Court thinks about Poe-Llamanzares' real status. Some say, it is a victory for Poe-Llamanzares. Others say, she would be disqualified.

Whatever the ruling will be, one fact remains---this ruling will surely affect the succeeding six years of this country.

Honestly, I believe that politics will surely win this time around. It is more expedient for the Liberal party candidate for Grace Poe-Llamanzares to be on that list because she actually breaks the vice president's base and attracts those who do not want Roxas or hates Duterte's guts.

Surveys want to condition our minds that there is now a statistical tie. Honestly, I see it differently. There is simply no tie, but I am not discounting a very tightly contested presidential race.

A DQ for Grace would clearly lead to Mar Roxas' defeat because the minions of this administration would not have sufficient reason to mask massive electoral cheating. A Roxas win is still possible in a 5-way race.

However, this would surely change if Poe-Llamanzares is disqualified because if handled in a very effective manner, those Poe-Llamanzares votes would surely go to Binay and some to Duterte but never to Roxas.