Tuesday, March 8, 2016


What is so wrong with ex Vice mayor Ernesto Mercado going to the casinos and violating government regulations about whistle blowers? I'll tell you--its a moral issue.

Mercado claims that what he is using during his casino visits were his "monies". He has the right to spend his own money.

Question---are those monies really his? He is now being kept as an important witness by government, especially anti-Binay elements whom, I learned, had several "pacts" with some Liberal Party stalwarts in this charade called "senate probe against the Vice president."

An inverterate gambler with no clear income would probably not spend his own money just to gamble. A source however, told me that a gambling addict would do everything, everything just to satiate his gambling addiction. A Makati resident says Mercado is such a person.

I now believe the news circling within Makati that it was this person allegedly who orchestrated even engineered those anomalous deals and just used the name of the vice president "to get even" and keep all those monies he reportedly and illegally acquired during those "happy times" with the vice president.

This person has no credibility, if I'm asked. I know he is not a government official anymore but since he is under the witness protection program (WPP), the DOJ should exercise its jurisdiction over the body of this person at all times. Several people doubt if Mercado is using his real money just to fund his frivolous "predilection."

The fact is--the Ombudsman should immediately investigate this in the name of fairness and justice because we simply do not know if Mercado is really using his money or just buying chips to legitimize or "clean" his monies or those were allowances given to him by government or monies he acquired during his stint in government and he wants it all clean?

I remember Judas doing the same thing a day or two before the crucifixion of our Lord. Judas was so guilty of what he did, he even bought a rope that he used in committing suicide.

Opps, I'm not saying that Mercado would do the same thing.

Anyway, Mercado is so full of himself, he thinks that he can get away from all these character assassinations he heaped upon the vice president after May 9. As they say, those who sow so shall they reap.

Mercado, several sources attests, is so distraught right now , the same way he was when he "accidentally shot" and killed his wife, the daughter of comedian Babalu. He should be.

With the Vice president clearly on the winning path, Mercado and the rest of these lying sona... should really think where they would go after May 9.