Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Aquino administration's Alcala denies food shortage inspite of Kidapawan clash

Agriculture secretary Alcala appeared before GMA news show, "Jessica Soho's State of the Nation" and said that there was no rice shortage in Kidapawan. Alcala made it appear that the clash between the farmers and cops was a "sad, unfortunate event" and was a manipulation made by an un-named group. Alcala said that there was no shortage of rice and admitted that the provincial government was actually giving out rice packs to hungry farmers.

Bull. Crap. Alcala was caught on camera touching his nose which appeared longer and stouter than usual.

First off, it was hunger that led farmers to protest. There was drought, and the lack of preparedness worsened its effects upon the people. Alcala said he was there a few weeks ago, and more than 6,000 farmers and their families went to see him to tell him the situation. But, like his principal, Alcala did not do anything, and he just let things boil to such a state as to necessitate a clash which resulted to several people injured and at least three people killed.

Second, upon investigation, it appeared that these farmers were promised packs of rice as food assistance. When no rice was produced, they began to complain. And when they complained this administration resorted to what has been a governmental policy already---use or resort to state forces. Cops who were stationed there to "keep the peace", reportedly instigated the clash when they told the rallyists to disperse. Meaning, these cops probably did not know or never attended any crisis management seminar.

Alcala was obviously trained to "shift the blame" and re-direct the attention of the public from the clash and tried to portray it as an insurgency-related incident. That is the problem. This administration has been used to always shift blame or keep a nonchalant stance that issues remain and problems lead to crises.