Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Election cheating looms

Sources from several grassroots organizations reveal a very disturbing yet already anticipated fact--we have spotted several election operators most are formerly affiliated with a very controversial ex-Comelec commissioner, doing the rounds reportedly for a national candidate.

These operators are part of the so-called "comelec mafia" which is deeply embedded within the Commission, and is operating since 1992. One source reveals that several of these often barong clad men and women are being escorted by at least one or two cops. One of these operators is known to me. When I called him up, he said that they are working for this candidate whom I will not identify as of the moment.

I will not disclose fully what this contact shared for fears of (1) being accused of being an alarmist and (2) for validation, since I don't want to write things which may turn out to be just "speculation" or maybe part of a scheme to spread disinformation.

What I am hearing a lot about these days is this scenario:

1. The possibility of violence breaking out if this elections would turn out to be fraudulent. Now, if you ask me, what would be the basis for fraud, since all these surveys are showing neck-to-neck or a very close four-cornered fight? That is the problem. It would be extremely hard for anybody or any group to cry "fraud" because the possibility of electing a minority president is there for all to see. Anyone of Roxas, Binay, Poe and Duterte only needs half a million votes to win.

For violence to be averted, there has to be a very clear and convincing margin for the winner. The problem really is this---violence and cries for fraud will surely be heard if Poe or Roxas wins because groups will surely suspect that this administration had a hand in their victories.

Even in a very clear and fair fight, no one would believe of a Roxas win (definitely) or a Poe's because both are candidates of President Aquino. That is the thing---the Aquino forces or the Yellowtards as how my good friend Leslie Bocobo describes them---had checkmated themselves. This is the result of a power struggle between and among groups inside the palace.

Because the Hyatt 10 group did not agree on a Binay presidency, they propped up a weak candidate in the person of Roxas. Those who do not agree with either Binay or Roxas shifted their support behind Poe, who remains very close to Aquino.

By fielding two candidates, this administration actually killed every chance of a win--and if they expect that the masses of people would accept Poe as a fair compromise, think again.

Poe has been exposed as a fraud, and many sectors from the middle forces have shifted to Duterte because they believe that Poe is surely not suited for the job and even had a Damocles sword hanging over her head, and that is the unresolved constitutional question about her citizenship.

Surely, a Poe win would be put clearly in doubt because of two things---she has been exposed as another Aquino candidate AND the pesky problem of her citizenship.

Now, with this, what would be the prescription of this administration in an event of massive destabilization this coming May 9?

Like how this administration resolved the ongoing problem in Kidapawan, state power.

This month is very critical for all Patriotic forces. These cheaters especially those from the highest rungs of power, will analyze the lay of the land, so to speak.

If they see that Patriotic forces are weak and poorly organized, they will go ahead of their plan to cheat this May. These unscrupulous individuals already discovered the strategy on how to quell massive demonstrations.

Eventually--this matter will be resolved thru a force assessment. As what my dear friend said--those who have the means and the stick will clinch this elections.