Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Villar at the DPWH???

Seems like what most people feel is beginning to take shape---the rearing of politics' ugly head. While most of Mayor Digong's appointments were met with either moderate approbation or even a sigh of rational satisfaction, one appointment did not suit with the people at all---the appointment of Mark Villar, son of real estate magnate Manny Villar as head of the DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS AND HIGHWAYS.

What? This is a conflict of interest! I know probably Mark is not in any way connected with Vistaland or any other real estate company run by his father. Nonetheless, we are again going back to the Arroyo day's when a particular thing is accepted provided it is not illegal. This is the same line of argument pushed forth by several members of the Arroyo administration when they ruled this country for nine years, six years ago.

Legally, there is nothing wrong with appointing Mark as head of DPWH but really, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Ika nga, immoral. Why? There is a possible conflict of interest.

One would say---eh, how about when PNoy appointed Singson as DPWH? Is it not that Singson was a proxy nominee of the Ayalas and he was once managing Ayala's water utility company before he became head of DPWH? That was a pure and crystal-clear case of conflict of interest, right? Yes, and let me quality my agreement.

Digong's appointment of a Villar in this case is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST because the ex-Senate president is the active President and CEO of Vistaland and Villar Group of Companies. DPWH is involved in infrastructure projects, one of them, construction of roads. What would prevent Mark Villar from ordering the construction of roads crisscrossing their properties and their subdivisions?

That already happened in the scandalous Daang Hari project and others where government paid for the construction of a long road which was used to enable potential buyers in accessing subdivisions built by the Villars. The appointment would definitely be extremely met with derision.