Monday, May 16, 2016

Duterte is doing great, so far

It seems that presumptive president Rodrigo "Rody" Duterte is doing the right far. He created a team to ensure a smooth transition and his pronouncements so far meet the people's expectations.

Duterte must be very careful of his appointments because the minute one of them does a corruption thing, every single thing which he built throughout these months would all be for naught. The People especially those who voted for him, have set a very high standard and their  expectations were put on a very high level. I fear a lynching mob if there is a reported corruption happening in his government.

Based on what the voters' behavior this election, there is a collective sigh, a collective expression of anger, if you may, on what's happening all around. The people are very much aware and are involved in state affairs. They keenly await what would be those changes which the good mayor now president boasted during the campaign.

If they see that Duterte is just a puppet, a proxy so to speak, of Big Business, especially miners, then his political capital would surely nose-dive and that would spell an end to this democracy. Duterte must be very careful because all eyes are on him.

Likewise, Duterte's political allies must form a very strong coalition of political forces to ensure that his legislative agenda would pass the 17th Congress. The thing is, these presumptive Speakers of the House, particularly Congressmen Karl Nograles and Bebot Alvarez pale in comparison with Speaker Belmonte or JDV. By the way, Bebot had been involved in a highly publicized scandal before at the DOTC and I don't think he can get away with it, especially this time when everyone seemed to have attached a very high expectation of those whom Duterte would appoint in certain positions.

Bebot probably does not have the political muscle to effect a coalition but Karl does. Remember that in previous Congresses, Karl's father is a former Speaker of the House. He can surely ask his father how to create a rainbow coalition of sorts that would assist the New President in legislating his agenda.

We, the People, and even all progressive forces in Philippine society must come together and help Duterte in forming a very strong government that is able to stand before Big Business and say, enough is enough. Lest we forget---Government is the People's weapon against unscrupulous members of Big Business who want nothing more than rob us of our precious monies.

These are the most immediate concerns of the People:

1. High prices of goods. Duterte must give the task to the DTI to review all retail prices of goods and ensure compliance of the law. If it is possible to make some essential goods cut their prices, especially infant milk formula, and other essentials, do it. The People would appreciate it.

2. High costs of electricity rates. Duterte must ABOLISH the mafia controlling PSALM. Members of this mafia should either be imprisoned or killed immediately.

3. Internet connection. Do we want to attract global companies in the Philippines? Then let's improve our telecommunications. We must stop these telecommunication companies from charging exorbitant fees from us in exchange for sloppy, very slow internet connection.

This is just three of a myriad of concerns, but if Duterte manages to work a miracle in just three of at least 12 major concerns, then, this will surely give us, the People, the confidence that we were not wrong in electing him as our leader.