Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Before you vote this May 9, consider these...

What we don't normally realize is that, when we vote for someone for the presidency, you are not just electing one person---you are practically voting and hiring people who are behind him. Any president is as good as his appointees in the bureaucracy and if you think the person you are voting for this May 9 happens to be associated with grafters, corrupt men and vice lords or businessmen with big business interests with government, think again.

That's why it is important that we know who are the people (1) financing him (2) working for him (3) defending him against brickbats and obviously, in relations with him or her.

Remember how it went down when Pnoy assumed office. Pnoy appointed his close friends, relatives and business associates in government and looked what happened. We were fooled into believing that when we voted for Pnoy, we voted an honest person in office. We probably did, yet, those very close to him were'nt. That explains why we are such in a rut right now.

This elections is very crucial to us. Let us vote wisely. Think before you vote.