Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Binay to Digong: Now you are feeling what I felt when I was "it"

When Vice president Jejomar Binay was being accused by these gang of mercenaries based at the Senate, some of us believed them. When these same guys accused now Mayor Digong, some of us even defended him.

There is a gulf of difference between what Binay was being accused of and of that of Mayor Digong. For one, there is not a single shred of evidence that truly establishes him as a corrupt guy. The COA or Commission on Audit always gave him and the City government of Makati, a clean bill of health. Yet, due to the continuous barrage of these accusations, a lie was perpetuated and it stuck in the public sphere.

In the case of Mayor Digong, there is concrete evidence that he has a bank account and that account contains monies, probably in the hundreds of millions. And what is our reaction?

Binay is a victim of injustice but he just swallows all of these things because he is a decent man. He is a man who respects the rights of others, even though there are some of us who just don't.

My respect goes to the Vice President. We need such a man.