Thursday, May 19, 2016

Duterte -Left coalition means towards real change

Shortly after 1986, the Party underwent a series of self-criticism on its conduct and views about the EDSA revolution, which eventually led, after seven years, to an inevitable ideological split. This time around, the need for a convergence of forces for the sake of the Filipino People, is the call of the times. The imaginary line that separates the Rejectionists (RJ) from the Re-Affirmists should dissipate and in its stead, a more invigorated Socialist movement.

I agree with Ka Sonny Melencio, head of the Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM) that, instead of pursuing a critical collaborationist stance with the incoming government, the first order of the day really is the convergence of all Left forces into one powerful movement. The reason is two-fold: with numbers, the Left will re-assume its dominant role as change agents, thus, making it entirely possible for it to influence policy-making and two, as a strategy towards party and capability-building. A weak Left will only become a white elephant in Digong's government. The Left must become the most dominant force in Digong's government, able to provide leadership along the lines of ideological guidance.

Of course, some of us would criticize this and say that we are encouraging the transformation of our society from its present decrepit state to a Communist state. No.

But even if that is the reason for the transformation, so what? What is so bad with being Communist?

The fact is--we can actually create a new form of Socialism that is most suited to our present conditions and not rely on paradigms that had worked in other countries. It is also not accurate to say that we must embark on a "Socialist experiment" because a change in policy direction in government is not an "experiment" but more of an on the job training thing.

We are now at this juncture when we can actually create a genuine Filipino Socialism extracted from our historical experience. And I believe it is during Duterte's administration that this can be realized.