Monday, May 30, 2016

Duterte's initial steps are very promising for real change

Been very busy lately as I am finishing the two books for ebook format and for printing. Likewise, I blame Francis Fukuyama for occupying most of my free time with his observations. The one thing I love about Fukuyama is his writing style, very fluid, very nice. I hope other serious researchers out there can write the same.

Anyway, when I heard that DU30 is appointing Briones as Deped and Dr. Ben Diokno back to his old job as budget secretary, I considered these as valuable appointments. Briones is a long-time academic. Of course, Briones background is economics. However, deped needs an academic as head, not a former private school administrator such as the former deped secretary who advocated for the interests of private school owners.

Diokno knows what he is doing and during his stint, was able to turn the country around with less corruption. Diokno is just one of the many professors whom I admire and is really committed to see this country back on its feet.

Some other trustworthy appointments should be in order by tomorrow, since Duterte promises to show his incoming cabinet to the people tomorrow. I think he already finalized the list of heads of various departments and I am curious to see who will replace Gibo Teodoro as DND head. It definitely cannot be Esperon because if Duterte does that, that would be a veritable declaration of war. Esperon and Senator Trillanes and the Magdalos do not see eye-to-eye. If Esperon is appointed, that would be a sign for the Magdalos to pack your things and leave because it means Duterte is ready to go to war against you guys.

I hope Duterte fires Atty. Panelo as his spokesperson. Media hates Panelo. I hope Duterte hires professional communication strategists because hey, he will be facing a rough six years, and the campaign is different. Lito Banayo is an expert at campaign strategies but I don't really know if he's willing to head the PIA or any government entity.

The government TV channel PTV4 will be a very important component in the Duterte administration especially if the incoming president-elect is serious at transforming this country from Republican to Federal system. There are several willing individuals out there just waiting for invites from his camp.