Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pinoy appealed to church officials not to call for his detention post-Administration

Our source confirmed what we feared all along---a systematic rigging of the elections to favor a candidate despised by many. The environment is now set. His operators and the activities prior to the announcement of this election's winner are now in place. This is irreversible.

The next question is--will they or will they not?

Several sources also confirmed that certain groups are preparing for an actual direct confrontation with these cheaters. We knew this is going to happen. The only question is---is the anti-cheating force strong enough to counter state power?

We must be very vigilant. Certain groups are now calculating their resources and their men. Are these people ready for the extreme situation?

By the way....

A source says that when Pnoy visited the Iglesia Ni Cristo officials, the president reportedly appealed to spare him from prosecution should the INC candidate wins. Sources say officials of this administration is in panic mode.

They should be. They would be hunted by the despicable things they did just to perpetuate themselves to power.

For this year, this elections would either pave the way for change thru constitutional or thru a caretaker government.

This elections have changed complexion and tone. It has become extremely personal. And when people turn personal, the political climate will probably be hotter than this El Nino phenomenon. 

The only thing is--will this be better for us or will we dig our own grave? We will find out next week.