Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sick jokes

Is this some kind of a joke? Will 85 million Filipinos suffer along with the rest of the 16 million who decided to throw away their civil liberties in exchange for a more tougher way to do things? Will the sacrifice of the many be enough to fix the anomalies happening in our country?

While the new president humour us with his sick jokes (joking about death, killing people especially drug lords, detaching their heads from their bodies for booty, traumatizing four year olds picked up by police because of curfews and accusing assassinated journalists as corrupt), we all laugh with him while we simply don't know what he means or where he wants us to go or where this country is headed.

He says " We are all men of honesty and integrity" referring to his new hires for his cabinet, and he expects us to believe him and what if we don't? Will he then say that we are all corrupt and we deserve to die or be killed with an assassin's bullet? Are we supposed to follow just one man's ideas of everything?

If we disagree with him, will we suffer the penalty of death? I am not afraid of him.

Are we so desperate for law and order that 16 million of us decided that it is now time for a pseudo strongman to rule above every single one of us, and the rest of us who did not vote for him would suffer more because we know what is Right, yet we were overwhelmed by the sheer number of those who, inspite of their lesser number, be the ones who would tell the rest of us, all 85 million, what kind of change we need in this country?

When I was young, there was this boy who was taller than me, who wants nothing more that bully us into submission. I refused. I stood my ground and fought him. Several times he fought me, and many times, I won.

There is nothing sweeter than democracy, nothing more sublime than freedom. Will sacrificing a few rights and freedoms be enough just for us to attain change?

This early, I feel that there is nothing to expect from all of these and we are all being taken for a ride. Worst, while we worry whether or not some police would just accuse us of being a drug lord and kill us for 3 million, those who humor us with their sick jokes are laughing themselves hoarse, for we cringe and we stood erect and follow him who told us to stop or clam it while they trade our futures with the same oligarchs who cause us these maladies anyway?