Monday, July 25, 2016

Ten Things Duterte is expected to say in his 1st SONA

Will Duterte do a Brillante Mendoza and tell us the brutal truth? Or will he follow the sins of his predecessors and bore us with things we already know?

It's just 20 mins before Duterte delivers his State of the Nation address. What are the 10 things I expect Duterte to say in his first SONA.

1. The crime problem is worse than what he thinks it is. He will likewise use the oft-repeated line about the fate of our kids if we don't solve the drug problem.
2. He will discourage the House to probe the killings which already claimed the lives of at least 300 people since May.
3. He will announce a "lay-off" policy when it comes to managing the economy.
4. He will push for the conclusion of the peace talks with the Left.
5. He will urge Congress to pass the bills which would call for a Constitutional Convention for the shift to Federalism
6. He will urge the people for support.
7. He will emphasize his adherence to human rights and the first thing he will announce is the FOI executive order
8. He will also give the go-signal for the talks about the Spratlys issue
9. He will urge his Cabinet members to walk the talk with him.
10. He will talk about poverty alleviation.

What I want Duterte to do?

Scold these bureaucrat capitalists and warn them that if they refuse to help his administration and if they continue to oppress the people, they would receive the harsh-est punishment from the people.