Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Duterte wants the oligarchs to suffer

Tonight, President Duterte became the first head of state to tell us what we already knew before--the dominion of the oligarchs in Philippine society. I don't know why Duterte just suddenly mentioned this in his speech tonight but what he told an astonished crowd is nothing new.

Yes, there is a lopsided relationship existing in our society today because we adapted a capitalist system. Unequality is an expected fixture of a capitalist system, and nothing, no governance model right now in the world can fix this.

In a capitalist system, expect a capital surplus and expect capital to be accumulated and monopolized by a few. Competition is what spurs accumulation and a concentration of capital because capitalist systems follow the Darwinian principle of "survival of the fittest." Bigger firms eat the smaller ones as a consequence of competition, and the big ones are eaten by the mega firms and the mega firms are consumed by super mega firms. This is what happens in capital.

Now, in every capitalist state in the world, there is a few who enjoys the trappings of power and wealth and a mass of people who remain the consumer class. Capitalism cannot exist when a majority of the population are capitalists and a few consumers.

Duterte wants to abolish the oligarchs of Philippine society. This only means that even the President recognizes the futility even of charter change if he or the people themselves change the mode of production--from capitalism to socialism (or at least a socialist welfare state).

We are discussing about changing the governance model when the true cause of our economic problems lie in the economic system which we adopted. The solution of our problems is not the abolition of democracy or the institution of dictatorship. The solution lies before us---the change or modification of our economic mode of production---from a parasitic capitalist system to a modified socialist welfare state.

Is this what Duterte wants?

Or, he wants to abolish the present oligarchs to replace them with his own?