Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Duterte's men

A very close Duterte associate was seen with a confidante of an Oligarch last Thursday in posh country club somewhere in the South (to protect my sources, I would not mention any specific places in this blog. Sorry. You may have to discern this blog between the lines. A word of caution--this is simply not intrigue. I am writing this to inform very close associates of Duterte that, this early, several of his appointees are now entering into highly scandalous deals with several individuals).

A source who was in that meeting said that the meeting was set with this associate to ascertain what really was the sentiment of the president when it comes to this oligarch who owns several properties and is very active in government projects. The associate gave an assurance that the oligarch would be spared from Duterte's wrath since " he (oligarch) is a good naman of __________ who obviously is very close to the mayor (Duterte). Of course, all he (oligarch) needs to do is do what is to be asked of him," with the associate smiling broadly.

The confidante then gave several names of PPP's and the associate assured him that 3 out of the 5, they will get. But, of course...

Who is this very close associate of Duterte? Sources say this man has been known as an effective operator of a husband of a former high official. He was once handling the worse facility in the world, and many people were shocked when Duterte appointed him to this post which he has no knowledge of. Who is he?


A big-time businessman with interests in Davao was seen talking with a high ranking PNP official. The source says, the businessman was representing the interests of several businessmen like him who has dealings with the PNP in these posh places. The official reportedly assured the bigshot that his son, together with his son's associates, would not be harmed even if they sell illicit substances. " Anyway," says the official, " what mayor is interested in eradicating is shabu use. Cocaine, being an organic drug, is okey."

Who is this PNP official? And who is this businessman?


Several businessmen with close links with defense contractors are now doing rent-seeking with officials of the AFP and the PNP. These businessmen have padrinos inside the defense establishment. They want to expedite the sale of not just weapons but also gadgets and gears.


A big-time Chinoy contractor is claiming to be extremely close to the mayor. He brags about it in every meeting by this group of contractors. He claims he gives as much as 30% to a close Duterte associate who gives him "insider information" on several projects by the agency he is interested in. He claims he can actually dictate the terms of the contracts and the deals. He also claims that he can expedite processes at the DBM.

Who is this contractor?


A lawyer cum businessman is said to be the "man to go to", if you have a problem with this administration. This businessman, who is based in Cebu, is highly influential daw with the mayor, since he has been the perennial financier of the mayor since he began his career in politics. He is also the one behind the purported continuation of the export of this local fruit to China. He also claims to be highly connected in China, becoming friends with a princeling, a son of a high ranked Chinese Communist party official.

In the past, claims this source, this businessman served as "go-between" the mayor and other businessmen whose interests clashed with that of the Dutertes both in Cebu and Davao.

Who is he?


Unscrupulous individuals with dealings with the DOTC claim that " the agency is open for business" once more, when these people heard of several names mentioned as being appointed to key positions at the agency.

Paging Sec Tugade--attend to this please! Magkakaproblema kayo sir, I assure you.