Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ousting Duterte--a possibility

I am truly worried that this continuous misinterpretation of this administration's actions and policies would result to its eventual downfall sometime in the near future. Of course, many say this is extremely impossible to happen since this administration is allied with former president Fidel Ramos. Those whom Ramos supported were severely criticized during their incumbencies yet survived power grab attempts by their political oppositions. Cory survived seven coups launched against it several forces, some allied with the former dictatorship, others launched by nationalist soldiers. The next lady to survive coup attempts was Arroyo. Many say for as long as Ramos supports this administration, Duterte's supporters should not worry.

There are just two things that would surely contribute toward the downfall of this administration: first, widespread talk of abuses committed during this anti-criminality drive being undertaken by the President himself and the revival of talks of graft and corruption committed by those he appointed in highly sensitive posts in government.

This early, the President is getting several flak from several quarters, not just local but has become international, on the way he has conducted his anti-drugs campaign, so far. Most people agree with what is happening yet, are asking him to put some semblance of order in the execution of the PNP mission which is follow due processes in eliminating this drug menace.

Duterte has repeated himself over and over again like a broken record, explaining to the people that these killings are not being tolerated by this administration but are happening at the lowest rungs of Philippine society because he has to destroy the distribution network of these drug syndicates. This is not anti-poor, Duterte defended his men. It just so happens that the network is grassroots based, where poverty thrives. And to prove his point, Duterte has ordered an intensified grassroots based campaign which Senator Ping Lacson, a former PNP chief, describes as a success insofar as police enforcement is concerned.

And it surely is a success so far because of the effective handling of the PNP. What is most disconcerting, nay, disappointing is that the Communications team appointed by Duterte is not at all competent in handling the very sensitive nature of their jobs. The fact is--the very reason why Duterte is being crucified all day long for something as laudable as this anti-drugs campaign is because of the mishandling being done by those men whom he appointed to handle his communications.

What I fear the worse to happen is after the 90-day honeymoon, Duterte would surely be receiving more of this negative talk and the president would probably be just shielding himself or defending himself in an endless cycle of more hateful, acidic and useless acerbic talk that would just fuel more indignation and eventually, would lead to a consolidation of forces even a Ramos cannot control.

Credit that to the amateurish handling of Duterte's communications. The thing here is---no one among his communications handlers know the meaning of revolution.

Anyway, what could probably provide the coup d'grace against Duterte is when his men begin handling highly sensitive tasks such as biddings and procurements--these people, many of whom, were involved in highly scandalous circumstances when they were officials of previous administrations, would again do their "thing". As what a friend said--people don't change.

This early, there are already talks of several of Duterte's men involved in highly scandalous deals with syndicates, those imbedded in the bureaucracy and those outside of it. It would just be a matter of time before these people are exposed---the more juicy thing to know about this is what would a Duterte do in case some of his men are exposed--would he do a Pnoy and defend them whatever happens? Or, castigate them publicly and even execute these unscrupulous persons ?

It would be very interesting how Duterte would handle such situations. And as sure as the sun rises in the East and retires in the West, this will happen.

Most of Duterte's supporters rejoice when surveys show a 91% support behind Duterte. That means, says Panelo, that the people are behind the president.

I would be extremely cautious and worried.

Everyone knows that in politics, it is very hard to maintain such a high survey rating. This means that Duterte has peaked already too soon.  And when someone already hits the big-time at this very early stage, the next thing that is sure to happen is that person's eventual slide to the nether regions. That is universal law--what comes up must come down. And it is just a matter of time.