Friday, September 9, 2016

Change has come under Duterte

I just saw an FB post being circulated by my close friend and now a part of this administration that, in sum, wants us to just accept Mr. Duterte's recent antics and just focus on the "changes" which already happened. This made me to think and write this piece and to resolve to myself this one question---are changes really happening in our society now?

Yes, I agree that something did change--our population control policy got a boost when the Duterte administration launched its anti-drugs and anti-criminality campaign. Our numbers are now less than 2,000 plus souls.And expect this number to reach astronomical heights the minute Congress dignifies Senator Dick Gordon's proposal to grant the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus and give Mr. Duterte enormous emergency powers.

Police can now knock on your door and when no one answers, they can just come barging in and shoot everything that moves and after the carnage, tell media that the "suspects fired at us" and shows you a gun which you already saw several moons ago, in another place, owned by another hapless and utterly dead soul.

Cocaine use got a tremendous boost when our president said that this drug is okey compared with shabu which "causes the brain to shrink" as if our president is telling us to shift to cocaine or any other psychosomatic drugs for as long as nature was the one who caused them to grow and not manufactured in some dinky lab somewhere off the coasts of Cavite.

And yes, I also agreed that our people have a different pastime now. We now laugh whenever we kill those scumbags in that Duterte game, and the more we kill, the more medals we get especially if we gun those sonafabitches and their heads got chopped off.

Children are now cursing more often now, and their parents just laugh. I will not be surprised if, in December, I see putangina as the most popular term being used by Filipinos for 2016. Or tangina, walanghiya, buwakang ina become part of Google's zeitgeist.

Whenever we face a problem, we often use the word "kill" as our solution. We can't rehabilitate a drug addict because his brain has just shrunk due to overuse of shabu, then, just kill this buwangina. He's already a zombie anyway, and he's not human, why care?

And yes, we are now a free state, we have freed ourselves from being a long-time US vassal because our president just stood up against the US president, and shamed him by threatening to curse him if he even raises the issue of human rights violations and applauding America's competitor, China, for giving us so many things like those structures built at Scarborough shoal and continuous patrolling of China's coast guards who even sprayed dirty water at our fishermen who happened to be fishing in waters within the exclusive economic zone.

First, let's all be thankful that Mr. Duterte signed an executive order for the grant of the Freedom of Information (FOI). Yes, Mr. Duterte did signed an order but if you read and look closely, the version which he signed created 166 reasons or "prohibitions"which essentially diluted the original reason why we need an FOI in the first place.

Second, let's all be thankful that there is no more "laglag bala" reports happening in our airports. This is unverified. Are we really sure that there is no more incident or we are being made to believe that there is no more case because this administration already controlled the information flow there and reporters are no longer allowed or are being fed information concerning this scam?

Third, our foreign affairs secretary, a former roommate of our dear president, applauded and clapped and described our president's first foray in the international community as "magnificent" and "excellent". Yasay must be wearing glasses with the wrong prescription.

Fourth, my friend says OFWs are now being better cared for now than the previous administration because they are now expatriated immediately unlike before when they wait for months before being given the go-ahead to return home. Well, what we refused to acknowledge is the fact that more and more OFWs are leaving our country, not because they are drug addicts but because they are now afraid that our country is "going to the dogs."

We are not going to the dogs--because we are being transformed into zombies.