Saturday, September 10, 2016

Let us thank Duterte for the changes we are now enjoying

I had this epiphany---I am congratulating Duterte and his men for the changes they gave us, desperate Filipinos.

First, we have now a very effective anti-population growth program, not just being promoted by our government but assisted by our military and police. As of today, our population has shrunk by less than 2,000 Filipinos and we expect this to balloon to about 1.6 million if the target set by our president to our PNP chief Bato is to be achieved.

One of our senators, Richard "Dick" Gordon is so impressed, he wants to suspend the writ of habeas corpus and hand the power of god to his idol, our president Duterte, so that our president succeeds in his desire to rid our country of excess baggages. Gordon, like our president, believes that drug addicts are already zombies because their brains have shrunk due to constant use of shabu. I would not be surprised if the National Statistics Office reports a drop in the population the minute Gordon's bill is passed at the Senate.

I just remembered why Dick wants nothing more than give more powers to Duterte---the Philippine National Red Cross has excess supply of blood and they can't just get fresh supplies if they don't use those already inside their fridge.

From 101 million Filipinos, Duterte wants this only at 100 million because he believes that this would only encourage many Pinoys to do more shaggings to make the end number an even number. We Pinoys are overachievers---we are not content with one---we need two.

So, the number of Pinoys being targetted by the DDS is just 1.6 million. When Gordon's bill is passed, expect these killings to increase ten fold. This is okey, because Duterte's government will be hitting three birds in one stone: direct drop in population, more jobs generated because funeral parlors would need more embalmers making the degree on embalming a desired course much the same way as what happened to nursing in the early 2000s. Last, of course, as the killings continue, that would discourage many from raising a howl and ergo, a instantaneous and direct effect on peace and order.

After a hundred days, expect a more peaceful Philippines, as Duterte expects less people to criticize him, because by that time, he is now the undisputed SOB of this country. During the elections, many doubt if a probinsyano like Duterte can stand up against the big boys of Manila.

Now, Duterte, according to his handlers, has achieved rock star status especially when he stood before Obama and dared him to raise the issue of human rights and risk being called a son of a bitch (not a whore, less we be accused of being a presstitute).Who's the big boy now?

After 90 days, there will be a stable and peaceful Philippines, because by that time, enemies of Digong would have been arrested, detained and rehabilitated by water cure employed by state security forces. No questions asked.

Are we not feeling the changes? Duterte just signed an order for the grant of the freedom on information. We should thank him for having the courage, never mind if he inserted 166 restrictions in the order that practically killed the very essence why we need such a grant in the first place.

After 90 days, expect workers' lives to improve because Duterte would have abolished by that time, regional wage boards. Our labor secretary is so patriotic and so intelligent that he wants everything standardized, especially worker's daily wages. Why give a lower wage to those working in the provinces, when those living in the provinces can do what those based in Manila can? If workers in Metro Manila gets 499 pesos here, then, let's give 499 pesos also to workers based in the rural areas. Brilliant idea.

This is so brilliant that nevermind if contractualization remains because, hey, workers want an increase in their takehome pay, nevermind if they only enjoy this for six or 3 months.This will decongest Manila because those already with jobs in Manila are expected to go back to their original provinces and there, find similar jobs. Brilliant!!

Expect a budget deficit, says our DBM secretary. That explains why our government has released treasury bonds out in the market, to raise trillions to cover for the planned expenses of various departments especially during the state of emergency.

I thank Art Tugade, our DOTr secretary for his brave speeches before the Congress. He is such an excellent man, an orator, that he beguiles our Congressmen into believing that changes are already happening in our society, as he speaks.

Tugade is highly convinced of what he is saying that he describes traffic in the metro as a "state of mind." Tugade is very intelligent--he thinks that in one wave of his magic wand granted by Congress, everything would change--traffic will go back to its eighties state, thousands will now smile in satisfaction while riding an elevated tram from Monumento to Baclaran, and thousands more proud of using airports with functional toilets and airconditioning units. There would be less vehicles in the road because this administration expects to revive the odd-even scheme, nevermind if more people right now has the capacity to buy another car, again, thanks to the banks which are now very willing to give loans due to the rising economy.

I thank Tugade because he wants less buses on the road. His assistant secretary Ann Loctoc, wants to bar provincial buses from using EDSA and instead, would encourage smaller vehicles like UV express and taxis and smaller buses to ply EDSA and use them to ttransport commuters from bus terminals to their respective destinations throughout the Metro. What an excellent idea! You bar 8,000 provincial buses in exchange for allowing 18,000 smaller vehicles to replace them. Wow. MOre vehicles on the road, more road taxes paid and more monies paid for licenses and franchises. Kita nga naman.

This is also the reason why Tugade wants emergency powers because he does not want to spend his time going to courts and answering harassment suits from losing bidders. Can't they understand that this is now a new administration? Is it hard to accept that, new administrations mean new allies, and new allies do not necessarily mean those Liberals who jumped ship but also economic allies from conglomerates of ruling Oligarchs?

Tugade wants to be like his principal and close frend Duterte who does not like being commented to or being asked to listen to suggestions or views. Tugade is a cum laude, a valedictorian of their San Beda law class, hence, no one is worthy enough to ask him of anything. He has his own friends and his own supporters from big companies. For six years, these friends suffered. Now, it is their time to dip their fingers into the public coffers. Why not give them the benefit of the doubt?

Change is definitely here because our electricity rates are higher than the previous year, thanks to Al Cusi, an airport guy now our energy secretary. Thanks to him, power utility companies have now recovered what they lost during Aquino's time. Remember those senate hearings where it became evident that power firms defrauded our people with billions of pesos when they staged those fake shutdowns?

We are very thankful to this administration because there are more Filipinos illegally working now in Taiwan, thanks to our MECO chief, Lito Banayo. Banayo, who was accused of rice smuggling during Aquino's time, has now been politically rehabilitated and his reward was so good and beneficial to the country that he was given the opportunity to represent our interests in Taiwan. What a guy, this Lito Banayo--he is very loyal to his principal, Duterte. Our president wants more jobs to Pinoys. Banayo responds--then allow more illegal workers unto Taiwan. I heard Banayo has been salivating for this post since the time of Erap and he was lucky that he bet his bottom dollar to Duterte. He got his fervent wish. He's far beyond the reach of those who want him to answer for those illegal importations of rice and sugar during his time as NFA administrator. What a guy!

I really felt that change is already here because militants are now allowed entry into the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) offices nevermind if there are hundreds of big time landlords more oppressing thousands of supposedly land reform beneficiaries. For as long as militants are allowed entry into the DAR office, don't question anymore if change is indeed here.

Changes are now being experienced in such departments as the DSWD because there are now less poor people in the streets, DOLE because again militants were allowed entry and were given an immediate audience by the secretary and even in Malacanan, militants and the Left are now given positions of power, thanks to the friendship of Joma with Digong. Nevermind if there is still no assurance that contractualization or "endo" is ending soon.

I felt changes are already here because legislators are now given the power to choose projects worth 70 million pesos. Before, legislators were barred from choosing projects to avoid the rise of graft and corrupt practices. Thanks to Duterte, happy days are here again for our beloved and honorable Congressmen.

And the greatest change that already happened is that feeling of security among our people. Many of my friends say, they now feel safer compared to previous years. Less criminality in the streets, because cops have arrested and killed those sonabitches. Nevermind if there are indiscriminate killings--these are authorized killings because they are undertaken by cops. And cops were given a wider latitude now to kill. But of course, cops follow due process, no question there. They knock on doors, and when they see their persons of interest, they open fire. That is what is it is due to the criminal and this is already a process. So don't ask if cops are not following due process. Criminals deserved to be killed and killing them involves a process.

So, if the people already feel secured, then, why the need to suspend the writ of habeas corpus? Why declare a state  of lawlessness or to correct our dear, beloved president, a state of lawless violence? I thought everything is better now? Are we saying that the more we kill, the more violent our society becomes? Then, what is the real solution to lawlessness and violence?

Ask the only dick in the senate and he would immediately say--suspend the writ of habeas corpus. The more people the cops and the military arrest, the more stable and more secure our society becomes. Great dick.