Saturday, September 17, 2016

Depose Duterte movement to be a worse cure

The United Nations and the Duterte administration continues to bicker on the issue of human rights. Our president Duterte and his foreign secretary Perfecto Yasay even told the United States government never to lecture Filipinos about the issue of human rights.

Why is this administration so pricky when it comes to human rights? Probably because they know that most administrations which committed highly publicized human rights violations, especially those with large-scale killings and massacres, earn the ire of the international community, and most of them became a subject of force ejectment from power by "the free world"?

I want Duterte to succeed but not this way. As I wrote in this blog several times before, Duterte should not be very comfortable with his situation right now because inspite of his high popularity rating, Duterte rash decisions and actions are slowly eating up this very high public trust and sadly, very early on in his administration, Duterte has already expended his political capital so much, he thinks that he still has it.

Duterte is being blinded by his own self aggrandizement that this will lead to his downfall. My dear mayor, I am advising you now to just chill, and don't believe what your chuwawahs are telling you.

Dutertards boast of about 16 million votes. Estrada, when he was deposed in 2001, also retained 32% of his 19 million votes. Estrada was ejected from office.

Of course, Duterte is different from Estrada because Duterte has his Hermogenes Esperon, who prevented his former principal, Gloria Arroyo, from becoming a victim of a coup d'etat disguised as a revolution.

I think this time around, if there is indeed some basis to the claim of my dear friend Erwin Tulfo that there is this on-going plan to depose Duterte, this would be extremely different from previous "revolts"

And like the bible says, it will come "like a thief of the night."

It will be like an "extraction" similar to the one which Ortega got when he "crossed the line."

The effect would be instantaneous and unfortunate.

It would exacerbate social tensions and contribute towards a steady economic downturn.