Monday, September 19, 2016

Destabilisation against Duterte? Is it real?

Is there a destabilization effort against Duterte? Senator Alan Peter Cayetano used this as a defense against the Duterte administration during the televised senate hearings on extra judicial killings. Cayetano said there's a Plan B which supposedly is a plan by "Yellowtards" or the Liberal Party to oust Duterte from office.

Thousands of Duterte trolls online says this Plan B will not succeed because they would oppose it. Some Duterte supporters then went on an online rampage with most of them trying to picture Matobato as a false witness.

Lacson says Matobato is a prejured witness. Dela Rosa denies knowing him, while Justice secretary Vitaliano Aguirre described Matobato's testimony as falsehoods.

So, if Matobato is just that, a paid hack, a perjured witness, a liar, etal, then, why did the Senate president Pimentel rejected Delima's and Trillanes' appeals for the Senate to protect Matobato? Why all the political maneuverings which resulted to De Lima's ouster as chair of the Senate Committee on Justice, and her replacement by another chuwahwah, Dick Gordon?

Why? Why is this administration so afraid of Matobato? If there is no value from Matobato's testimony, then, why all these trouble, even sacrificing the political capital of the president just to solve it? There is a big possibility that Trillanes and De Lima stumbled upon a big thing which Duterte does not want the public to know.

Who is causing disruption in the Senate?

Who told the public that he just need six months to solve the drug problem? Duterte.

Who told US president Barack Obama not to raise the issue of human rights or he may get cursed? Duterte.

Who told the UNited Nations secretary General Ban Kee Moon do not teach the Philippines a lesson about human rights? Duterte.

Who committed himself in all these, even gave a promise for the people to "kill him" if he does not solve criminality, especially drug addiction, within the first six months of his term? Duterte.

Who is destabilising who?