Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Duterte means well but being fed to the dogs by his appointees

While most of us make fun out of that ASEAN meeting, the President bounced back and attended a meeting with farmers and farmers' group and ordered a stoppage of conversions of agricultural lands and asked the Land Bank to give condonation to farmers with delinquent accounts.This is good.

For some issues, Duterte does the right thing. For others, he really bungled it, and unfortunately, his chuwawahs try to defend him but eventually they fell flat on their faces every single time. And the reason is simple---they simply do not understand Duterte's principles. Yes, they are friends of the mayor, close ones maybe, but they don't understand him beyond him being a friend and a mayor.

Duterte must surround himself with true, legitimate revolutionaries because when doing so, he does not commit serious mistakes. The only ones who understand where Duterte is coming from, are those who share his commitment, his desire and his revolutionary mindset.

What does Panelo know? Nothing, How about our dear friend Martin Andanar? Sadly, he too is most often hilo. How about this spokesperson Abella? Most of the time, Abella finds it extremely hard to justify the president's stand on EJKs because he was (or continues) or still is, a Christian preacher.

Imagine filling the PCO with political appointees, most of them, sons and daughters of trapos, with only some of them with experience in writing press releases, not in strategizing.

There is still time though, and I hope that Secretary Evasco remedies this immediately.