Friday, September 30, 2016

Former Arroyo stooge involved in high-profile deals now enjoys safe haven under Duterte? How true?

This carpet bagger survived the Aquino administration by befriending the former president's confidante. This businessman is a very intelligent investment banker. Unknown to many of us, this person is the "identifier" of deals for government officials.

He is now doing the same despicable thing all over again. According to several sources, this person is very close to two individuals behind the Duterte campaign. Who are these two people? One clue---one of them got millions of pesos worth of advertising monies from sponsors and advertisers helping this commission produce the country's Olympic bets. This person was a persona non grata during the previous administration but now, enjoys tremendous support from allegedly Mr. Duterte. The fact is--this person once bad mouthed Duterte but now, is all praises for the president.

By the way, this person has fieled his most trusted men in several small sinecures in government to rake in more money. Who is this?

Mayor, pakibalatan nga ito habang buhay? These are the termites that would erode the people's trust behind your administration.