Friday, September 30, 2016

Mr. Duterte, investigate corruption in your government

As a friend of this administration, I want to disclose at this site what is really happening inside this government. Mayor Duterte has warned that he will "skin" government officials and employees who continue their graft ways.

For me, grafters are worse than drug dealers because they are not just ordinary thieves--they are the vilest kind because they are stealing monies from the poorest of the poor. These people should be identified, hunted, and killed by being crucified and skinned literally while alive. And if warranted, kill even their relatives who knowingly benefit from this high-profile thievery.

Here are some of the stories of businessmen and ordinary people who have been victimized by grafters inside the Duterte administration:

1. A close associate of Mr. Duterte's appointed secretary has approached a Japanese firm who previously had a contract for the maintenance of a facility. This associate reportedly made the meeting with the local representative of the firm upon the blessing of the secretary. The secretary is reportedly asking for a six-figure "monthly retainer". Let me remind the secretary that he is no longer a practicing lawyer.

2. A Congressman is reportedly "in cahoots" with a very close Duterte associate. This Congressman who reportedly engaged a PR firm for the advance Federalism, has a very sinister plan---monopolize the gaming industry. This Congressman, whose surname belongs to the group of cronies of former president Marcos, wants nothing more than become the "kingpin" of this sector. His boasts is that he holds Mr. Duterte "by the balls", because he reportedly knows much about Mr. Duterte, and his family. Meanwhile, the close Duterte associate is very happy right now. He has been given a sinecure which allows him to transact directly with big Chinese businessmen who reportedly frequent Manila's casinos. This associate is not rich--the fact is, he was sick before, but right now, his bank accounts are reportedly heavy with cash.

3. A secretary who mimicks Mr. Duterte's toughie style has reportedly appointed two men with dubious characters as commissioners of a bureau. According to insiders, the bureau is now "open for business." Monthly take of these two commisioners ran in the millions. Foreigners who want to legalize their stay here are being asked to pay as much as 2 million pesos.

Reportedly, the "lagay" has increased due to the "instructions of the secretary" who was a practising lawyer before but has a not-so-good reputation in the legal industry.

4. Smugglers are making a killing right now. According to several sources, who swear on this, there is now rampant smuggling because the higher management is tolerating it. It seems that the Morales formula has now been implemented in all ports. To the credit of the "chief", drug smuggling is one of the "no-nos". I dont know about construction materials though, and sugar, and rice.

5. A PR practitioner who was appointed to a post which he has salivated long before, is now raking so much money in his sinecure that he was able to build his two paramours two glamorous houses albeit, in a not so popular subdivisions. He is likewise, been able to open several bars in Manila and Cebu, thanks to the monies he got from several businessmen who want to get close with the president. Mr. Duterte has been forewarned against this person but instead of kicking him out of his group, Mr. Duterte even gave this person (who has a graft case pending before the Sandigan) a very important post abroad.

6. Do you know why we still do not have license plates? Is it because the new Duterte appointees are reportedly "in active" negotiations with the winning supplier? How true that they are asking for double the commission given to the previous powers?

7. Five (5) big bosses of five firms have reportedly asked the chief of the regulatory agency which has jurisdiction over them, to let them recover billions of pesos and overturn the decision of the previous administration denying them recovery of these monies due to the "mysterious event" which was investigated by the Senate before.

8. An A1 source says several road projects were reportedly changed and several infra projects were changed to align with the interests of the "chief". How true?

9. An agency is pushing thru with this project because the supplier vowed to give the group very close with Duterte five percent commission out of the multi-billion peso project.

10. Three (3) big-time rice cartel lords are now very happy after securing importation permits from the agency in exchange for a 20% commission.

11. A Davaoeno who happens to be a businessman has reportedly gotten a juicy contract in the supply of agriculture implements?

12. One big-time businessman got a scare of his life when he was reportedly asked to donate 10 million pesos to a group which claims to be very close to Mr. Duterte and which group is reportedly leading the spread of federalism in the countrysides. He gave half, but when he did so, the group suddenly disappeared.

13. Many tax experts are laughing themselves hoarse right now. They are really very happy because their big-time clients are being given multi-million "tax credits" unbeknowing to the "chief". According to several sources, documents are being pushed to the chief and the chief just signs them away, without even reading them, especially when documents contain astounding figures.

14. A meeting was called by a big time jueteng lord but is now "outside the colambo". This jueteng lord is once very powerful and very close to the previous administration, but now, is very afraid that the Duterte administration would prosecute him. Seems like a close Duterte associate wants him out of the gaming business so that the associate would now monopolize and dominate the business. This person's nemesis is very close to Duterte via an elected senator who now thinks it is now safe for him to resume boxing since he already did his job of becoming the court-annointed "hatchet man" against a beleaguered colleague. This close Duterte associate wants to regain the territories he lost to the jueteng lord. Expect a titanic battle between the two very soon.

15. Many pharma suppliers are just keeping their mouths shut, fearful that the appointed lord of this department would do a Duterte. A very close associate of this "lord" is on the verge of amassing a huge amount of money after reportedly dominating or managing the department's very lucrative projects and programs.

Sige nga, let's allow Mr. Duterte to investigate, castigate and crucify these people. Let's see if Mr. Duterte is equally blood thirsty killing these people just like what he does with drug pushers and addicts. If Mr. Duterte kills or punishes at least one of these people whom I exposed here, Mr. Duterte has my everlasting devotion and the prayers from my family. I will sing hosannas to the highest heaven if Mr. Duterte manages to identify, expose and punish these people who are now using his name for their nefarious acts.

Abangan!! Clean government daw. Prove it.