Saturday, October 22, 2016

Change is coming thanks to Herr Leader Duterte

The entire world is converging into a community where everyone promotes amity, transparency, openness, cooperation, respect and understanding. We, however, are veering towards isolationism, protectionism, and promoting a closed economy. This is the change we want, says our beloved President Duterte.

There are no more Allies and Axis groups, yet, our beloved Leader who thinks He is God's gift to the Filipino People because He is more intelligent than all the leaders of the Free world, created a triumvirate of China, the Philippines and Russia. Change is indeed, at our footsteps.

While the world tries to destroy those beliefs that plunged the entire world into a global war, our President is now promoting hatred against Americans because of his previous personal experience dealing with a Consul. Change has come, indeed.

While we slowly open ourselves to the world, our President wants nothing more than keep a relationship with just two nations---China and Russia, and thinks that it is him, the Chinese, the Russians "against the world." Splendid!

He is demanding the world to understand him, listen to him, and consider him a genius. At the same breadth though, Duterte hates the free world because of the "sins of America", which he always had a mouthful to say of. This deep-seated hatred puts into jeopardy decades of friendly relationship with the world's former top cop.