Friday, October 21, 2016

Duterte hates Americans like how Hitler hated the Jews

So that's it---Duterte hates the Americans because one black American consul refused him entry into the United States. And since then, he has not tried to travel to America, because he was once shamed by an American. The fact is--until now, Duterte does not have any permission to travel to the Filipinos' so-called "land of milk and honey."

As what many describe it---Duterte's hatred is more than skin deep--- He personally hates America and probably, Americans in general. If this is so, then, why did he married a German-American? Obama is right--Duterte truly is, a very "colorful person".

At first, I thought that Duterte's outbursts came from the depest wells of his heart,  his profoundest love of his country and expressions of disdain over the American government's policies. No. There is no denying it---Duterte hates America because he is still nursing an old psychological wound from that experience. He can't get over it.

For Duterte, that rejection stemmed from his physical appearance. He thought that the consul rejected his application for a visa to the United States because he looks like a common butangero, not an abogago, err, abogado or lawyer.

So, to hell with those Bud Dajo references, those stupid U.S. aids, and to hell with U.S. imperialism. For our beloved Leader, this is personal. Duterte does not hate America because he despises their policies that, to him, did not at all benefited the Philippines. This president hates America because he simply hates the Americans, and thinks of them, as braggarts, a proud people who thinks of themselves as masters over Asians, like him.

I remember reading the Mein Kampf where we find the former German dictator Adolf Hitler giving us the true reason why he hated the Jews. Hitler blamed the Jews for his rejection to study in art school and the poverty he suffered for five long years as a struggling painter in the streets of Linz.

Actress Agot Isidro must be right--we have a psychopath in our midst and unfortunately, he is running our country. And the problem simply stares us in the face--Duterte is leading us to a path where many of us do not want. But, of course, Duterte's crazy zombies which included members of the middle class, simply do not agree. For most of them, Duterte is brilliant, a savior, a Messiah, worthy of one's adulation and worship, that's according to Communications secretary Martin Andanar who professes to be Duterte's disciple. As what many Filipinos would say---hibang.