Friday, October 14, 2016

Deconstructing Duterte and who will oust him in the end

These are most interesting times. As a nation, we are now in a limbo. We don't know where we are going.

After several decades of dependence on everything stateside, we are now going Sino. Yes, Sino. Several years before, we were all up in arms after learning that the Chinese had occupied our precious shoals. Several exchanges went on between China and our country, and several of us, in fact, thousands want to go to those shoals and assert our sovereignty.

Now, our dear president wants us to forget all of those things and when he goes to China, he would probably discuss giving a Chinese firm free pass to construct a bullet train that would connect Clark to Manila. And just probably, he will also allow our nickel production to drop further so that his precious Chinese friends would benefit from nickel price hike in the global market.

Of course, let us understand our President--he's a good and trusted friend of his Davao-based oligarch friends who have trading relationships with Chinese firms especially those run by sons and daughters of members of the Chinese politburo. He will never ever fail his friends---he owes them much.

And since these friends of his have long endured being "second-class" oligarchs compared to those living and controlling Imperial Manila, with him at the helm, it is there time. It is their time to give that "up yours" sign before these hard-nosed Iberians and fellow Chinoys in Manila who have profitting immensely from their control of telephones, water, electricity and basic foodstuffs. As what former president Estrada once said" "weather-weather lang yan."

I remember how Erap and his friends relished those happy times when they use to lord it over the country. They spent so much time discussing about the country while drinking those expensive wines and single malts that they were so drunk, they did not know what hit them in those heady days of 2001.

Of course, many say, Duterte is a different animal altogether. The comparison with Erap is simply very small. They both won on a big margin, both defeated trapos, and they are both love women, song and what have yous. They are both seen as "machos" and some say, in the end, Duterte may probably suffer what Erap got when Erap crossed the rubicon.

Nay, says Duterte's friends, we have Ramos on our side and of course, those who launched that coup against Erap are all our friends too. No one would ever think of ousting Duterte, because even the noisy Left had left the building too. The Right had always been with us since the elections and most of them have their own little kingdoms, their own little sinecures to mind and make some money.

The fact is, public support is simply not teetering to the brink of despair except of course, those from the Fil-Am community who hates Duterte's guts, his tongue as well as his brain. They think he's a psychopath. But, of course, who would dare tell that to him--he's 71 years old with a shadowy group of blood thirsty assassins behind him.

While Duterte entertains us with blood curdling dreams and his never ending avowals of killing everybody who messes up with drugs, many of his friends make a killing inside government, entering into shady deals, getting monthly protection money from firms under regulation and others spend their while punishing those who tried to kill them during the previous dispensation.

Of course, Duterte is a good friend. He always protect his own. He promised to get someone freed and he did, and from wearing neck braces to Versace jewelry come down Glorie. And with her, an army of loyalists now occupying sensitive posts in the bureaucracy to relive the "gloria days"--those nine years of corruption which hit this country in 2001 and ended nine years later.

Never mind that---Joma is just as brat like the others. He wants a candy and Duterte just gave him that. Nevermind his revolutionary and fiery rhetoric about making the oligarchs "suffer" or "down with the system"---those are as old as feudalism. The thing now is collaboration--collaboration with reformed bureaucrat capitalists, extreme would-be dictators and landlords. So what if the ally goes to bed with unreformed thieves in barongs--for as long as Joma gets what he wants, ditch those negative side remarks. We are now in strategic stalemate and not to forget--we are leapfrogging the people's protracted war. Never mind those who risked their futures, and even their lives for the revolution which is supposed to be one that ends with the displacement of the oligarchs--these are all ideals. Real politik dictates a comfortable alliance with a would-be dictator and great if he declares martial law--that would finish the oligarchs off, and the establishment of new ones.

And just don't mind those killings--every revolution has its collateral damages. Drug users? They are not human. They are simply cattle, being fed their daily metamphetamines which fry their brains, making them zombies. And what do we do with zombies? We pepper them with bullets and say thay they fought us.

While the economy spiral out of control, foreigners loathing us, and most even think that it's time to believe that we are really a masochistic race of monkeys, our dear Leader promises to protect businessmen from the impending economic doom. Let's unite, let's be together, and we will face hell together. This is like a Romeo and Juliet thing--you and me against the world. Let's reset the clock. Let's re-imagine the system. The plan is for the system to conk out, displace the ruling powers and create new ones who will now dominate it. I hate the Ongpins, the Tans, and even the Ayalas. I love the Florendoes, the Alcantaras, the Dominguezes and others still not on Forbes 40 Top Filipino Billionaires. Time for the probinsyano oligarchs to get their share of the suffering Filipinos' hard earned money.

Let's get everyone to toe the line. Ban smoking so that everyone follows. Do not give respite to ordinary small and medium entrepreneurs---erase that window everytime they use EDSA and C5. Make car dealers happy, even those selling second hand cars.

Let's get that emergency powers for us to avoid prosecution when we give those contracts to our friends. Let's all gang up on De Lima and make her suffer for prosecuting us when we killed those zombies walking along Davao's downtown. And surely, waste the brains of those who criticize us particularly those noisy Yellowtards online. We are living in an era of dictatorship. Democracy has failed us. Now is the time for us to suffer under the heavy mallet of strong man rule.

This is what several of us, especially in the middle class, wanted right? We desired for this to happen right? And the nightmare is just starting.

My friend just left for Singapore. I realized that most of my classmates in Political Science at the UP-Diliman, are all enjoying their nice jobs abroad. Maybe it's time to abandon everything, leave this cursed land, and just enjoy the Ibiza sunset, while my brothers and sisters cry and howl in the dark.

As what the Pacman had prate in a Senate hearing--God likes killing people. God kills the guilty, especially those who commit heinous crimes. These criminals do not deserve another chance. They ought to be killed by "My God", says Pacman.

And the Pacman might just win Duterte's endorsement for 2022. Great. Imagine that---a Pacman presidency five years from now--I love that.