Thursday, October 13, 2016

Why Duterte is seeking to curry China's favour over the United States?

Former minions of a discredited president have reportedly entered into an agreement with scions of Chinese Communist Party politburo members to hand over our sovereignty so to speak. But the issue is not just political---it's economic. The one who controls Chinese money wants to control the economic resources of our country, and if this is not a new form of imperialism, I don't know what.

Some people are asking me why Duterte is so partial with the Chinese? Well, Duterte's campaign funders are benefitting from their export deals with China. Remember the family of the Banana King, Floreido? How about former cronies of the Marcos dictatorship? They also have very strong economic ties with China. These oligarchical families behind Duterte have commercial interests with China, and that is the truth. 

The game plan is for our complete "sino-politicization" or the transformation of the Philippines into China's protectorate or satellite state. Since the beginning of modern times, the strategic location of this country is its prime importance. The Philippines is important for Japan, China and the United States. Whoever of these three superpowers control the Philippines, gets the strategic advantage of securing their own borders against aggressive attacks. 

The Philippines is part of the United States' border plan. So do the Japanese and the Chinese. By controlling our country, China would now practically control the entire Asia-Pacific region. It's one foot at the door of imperialist expansion. 

Aside from this, the Philippines has enormous mineral resources. Why, do you ask, this administration invalidated the operations of local Nickel companies here? Because our Nickel mines compete with China's which has a surplus Nickel production. By "neutralising" local Nickel mining firms here, China takes the advantage and the top spot as a nickel producer of the world.

Lastly, China wants nothing more than use our country as a dumping ground of cheap Chinese products. Imagine, our market numbers 100 million people--a large consumer market. 

Later, I will write about the true forces behind efforts at toppling the Duterte administration--who are they? What are their interests and why do they want Duterte out of the picture? Abangan!!