Thursday, October 27, 2016

Duterte administration asked to be transparent in China deals

Several businessmen have expressed apprehension over the alleged invitation made by the Duterte administration to some Chinese firms involved in anomalous and "shady" deals with foreign governments. Senators, including Panfilo Lacson, Grace Poe and Leila de Lima have expressed their own positions, even said that these invitations raise "red flags"

Reports show that one firm got the contract for the reclamation in Davao while the Bases Conversion Development Authority or BCDA denied that it already contracted a Chinese firm banned by the World Bank as winning bidder in one of their projects. Vince Dizon, chairman of the BCDA, assures that all contracts will definitely undergo very strict bidding process. Good to know.

Dizon should be reminded that the agency he is managing right now is a very sensitive one. Even if it only had entered into a "feasibility  study" phase with that Chinese firm, Dizon is managing former military bases and being a sovereign country,  the Philippines should not be sharing very sensitive information about our facilities, even if these facilities have been transformed into ones for civilian uses. We must always remember that we still have several issues with China to deal with.

President Duterte is always promising us of a "clean" government, free from corruption, and most of the people are expecting that. However, disturbing news like the June visits of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano and DOTC secretary Art Tugade to China, according to outgoing US Ambassador Philip Goldberg are raising doubts everywhere.

Some people especially those dealing with agencies concerned with Customs, Immigration, Tax and those involved in regulation, have expressed their dismay over the continuing corruption. "Business as usual" is the most often sign being seen everywhere and this means that those who were appointed by our president are now raking in several profits. As told by some, several are receiving monthly "tara" from syndicates imbedded already in the bureaucracy.

If I'm the President, I'll be targetting and literally erasing them from the face of the earth. These syndicates are operating with wanton disregard of authorities, even scoffing at the President's announcement that he would kill all those doing these corrupt practices.

I think the next stage that this administration should take should involve a cleansing of the bureaucracy. In the meantime, this administration is advised to be extra careful in its next steps, and always think that the entire world is watching its every single move and a mere misstep could cause it to tumble, and tumble out of power.

Every deal this administration would enter with China would be watched with discerning eyes. This is a duty of every patriotic citizen out there, because while we are being entertained by these killings and these online wars, we must not forget our duty of ensuring that we are not being robbed at the same time by those who claim to be our saviors.