Sunday, October 23, 2016

Understanding Duterte's world

Okey, here's the thing. This is for journalists, foreign correspondents, and analysts. It is for them to understand Duterte, our beloved president, leader, nationalist, patriot, and all other worthy titles. I hope I give justice to the man, an iconoclast, an innovator, a smooth operator, the savior of this country, God's great gift to the Filipino race.

Independence means breaking up with a former lover and going to another richer patron

When Duterte says "independent foreign policy" it means dropping one for another. It simply means, ceasing to be a bitch of one superpower and becoming another superpower's bitch. Duterte simply follows the lead of former president Joseph Estrada--"weather, weather lang yan." We were America's 20th century bitch. And since this is a Sino era, we are now China's and probably, even Russia's little brown bitch. Abandoning the old and the bankrupt to the rich and corrupt. That's life. We are sorry America and goodbye my old friend.

On Human Rights

I hope Duterte is not reading this because I'm sure when he reads "human rights", his right side of the face would hurt again and he will then start spewing hot curses, fire and brimstone.

When he says human rights, Duterte is referring to the rights of non-addicts. Yes. For Duterte, drug dependents have lost all rights--they are basically cattle being fed daily (or now occasionally) with their methamphetamines or grass (read: marijuana).

Drug Addicts as Zombies

Notice how drug addicts and drug pushers die? Most of them had their heads blown off. When Duterte mentions or tags you as a drug addict, expect your head to be blown off by some cop, probably someone like a PO3 Kho who uses a vehicle to ram.

Duterte says drug addicts do not think anymore because their brains are already like mashed potatoes, with most brains in their highly liquified states. Hence, no appreciation of rights. If drug dependents do not appreciate the value of their rights, what more state security forces, much more, Duterte, right?  Logical, isn't ?

Protesters as Zombies

I watched "Walking dead", and I immediately understood what Duterte's men at the Manila PNP meant. Someone as sane as PO3 Kho and Pedrozo (who was involved in drugs before...allegedly, that is) think that protesters such as the Lumads and the Moros are cousins of zombies, hence, ready to be mowed down or thrown like rag dolls.

EJKs as Exceptionally Justified Killings

For Duterte and Senator Richard Gordon, there are simply no extra judicial killings in the Philippines--only exceptionally justified killings. Those 3,400 Filipinos who were killed during the anti-drug campaign were killed lawfully by state security forces. They all fought against authorities. They all used rusty 38 caliber pistols which they fired upon those cops armed with M-14s and automatic rifles. No recognition of using approximate force. A gun is a gun. When someone with a gun emerges, he is worthy of a bullet in the head, no question asked. And for most cops, a knife or a nail cutter is just like having a gun. You can be killed by a nail cutter; hence, justified if you gun that would-be assailant down.

Foreign policy means veering towards a richer state

Dun tayo sa me pera. That is simply the guiding principle of the Duterte administration when it comes to foreign policy. As they say in the streets, "pera-pera lang yan." That's the main principle of the Law of Attraction---run towards the man holding a bag of monies, and not to that poor Uncle who is now heavily bankrupted.

Financial independence means eradicating 5-6

You know why Duterte loves the Chinese? Because they are ready to throw him billions of yuans, err, dollars (US dollars to be precise) just to get him by their side. And Duterte has the best reasons--he wants nothing more than erase 5-6 from the face of the world. Yes, you heard me right---Duterte intends to chase those Indians (or Bombays in local parlance) out of business. And the logic is simply very deep, deep indeed. With Chinese money, Duterte intends probably to spread it all around, giving monies to poor people so that they would no more rely on their Indian brothers who walks around peddling umbrellas for money. So considerate of our president, right? This is what I love about Tatay Digong.

Imperialism means invasion; occupying small rocks is no imperialism

Duterte was very specific---China did not do us, Filipinos, injustice, no way. His grandfather was a Chinese immigrant, and his grandfather did nothing like that--he did not grab the land of an indigenous, oh no. And since Duterte was before a Chinese audience, he simply do not believe that Chinese did such a dastardly thing-- invade other people's territories.

The fact is---Duterte thinks the Chinese are just there, sun bathing in one of the small rocks and shoals inside our exclusive economic zone. When the Chinese built their shacks, their airstrips, their military installations complete with satellite dishes in Panatag and Scarborough shoals, those actions were no imperialist moves, oh no. Those were no invasions. Those were simply innocent occupations of a friendly nation who thinks of our welfare as Filipinos and who respects us highly by throwing monies around, as if those billions of dollars are like Mickey Mouse bills.

The fact is--Duterte is so appreciative of Chinese actions, our beloved Leader wants the Chinese to join us, Filipinos, in exploiting those ancient oils deep beneath those sea beds. Never mind if he breaks the Constitution for doing so---as he says, he loves the Philippines. It is his people, his country, his love. Hindi naman makakain ang sovereignty (One cannot eat Sovereignty for breakfast).

Respect between countries means throwing monies around

For Duterte, China respects us a lot. Yes, he does believe this. He was all praises for the Chinese communists, even urging them to loan him more money and he would praise them, worship them, kiss their feet and even vowed to be perpetually indebted to them. Don't mind aid money from the Europeans. Filipinos, Duterte said, are no mendicants. We are not going to the Europeans with our knees bent. They can even shove those Euros to their arses. But, yuan? Yuan is welcome. Chinese in, Europeans and Americans out. Good policy.

Survival in the new modernizing world means isolationism

We can fend for ourselves, says Duterte. We don't need the help of the free world. If this means millions of Filipinos going hungry, so be it. Duterte will be the very first one to go hungry. This just means, let us do our thing collectively, alone, just like how the North Koreans do it. Don't mind the world. The free world is in a mess and we simply cannot be a part of it. Let's close our doors. Let us isolate ourselves and we will be fine. We have enough resources to tide us through a global recession.

However, we will do it with the help of China and Russia. It is us with these two superpowers, a triumvirate of global even monumental proportions. Duterte thinks this is a brilliant, superb geopolitical shift. Imagine, in just one stroke, Duterte resurrected the concept of an Axis and the Philippines is part of it. That's an achievement worthy of emulation, praise and worship. This is the very first time that an emerging third world economy is now part of these global superpowers. It is like ant man standing toe-to-toe with Batman and Superman.

Expect to eat Maling instead of spam. Expect to use Weibo instead of Facebook, and simply throw those Macs to the trashcan and settle with the much cheaper Chinese imitations sold in Divisoria. Learn Mandarin and include it in the curriculum. Change the greco-roman writing mode and adopt either the Chinese alphabet or the Russian way of writing. We don't have any choice. For Duterte, for us to survive, we need to adapt, and adaptation means understanding Mandarin and Russian.