Sunday, October 23, 2016

Duterte veers towards China because he simply wants to end "5-6"

Cut the crap about us, the Philippines, orienting ourselves with China because of its increasing economic power, and of China being an Asian country like us. Don't even mention that the reason why our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte seems bent on relying on China is his personal hatred against the Americans, especially black guys who rejected his visa application several decades ago.

The reason, which I discovered when I was reviewing our president's speech before the Chinese, was not as complicated as what people, especially those Duterte cheering squad on Facebook wanted it to appear, with one "political analyst" even describing Duterte playing a "strategic game". Bull. Crap. Stupid. It shows how shallow and how pretentious this "analyst" is.

What is our president's reason for veering towards China and asking for money? Duterte simply wants to end "5-6"---a form of lending practised by Philippine-based Indian traders with Filipinos. Watch this video and see for yourself.

Videos don't lie. The delegation of our beloved president was very ecstatic in announcing the inflow of alleged Chinese money into the economy, as if there was a windfall of it that would benefit most Filipinos.

And because of the strong reaction from Filipinos, both here and abroad, about what our dear president told delegates of the Supreme Congress of the People in Beijing, that Duterte is separating his country from the influence of the United States both economically and militarily, his cabinet and he himself, when he arrived in Davao, denied ever declaring such a pronouncement, due to its "impossibility"

Many guessed that Duterte was just "tripping" about this issue due to a previous personal experience of him being rejected when he applied for a US visa. Or, that the United States is a bad colonizer or that the United States and the Europeans commented negatively about his anti-drugs campaign, it seems that the real reason is as simple as previously thought.

Duterte, our beloved president, wants to veer away from the US because the former global superpower has no more money, is not ready for war, and he wants nothing more than ask the Chinese for money because he simply wants to eradicate "5-6".

The President even committed a serious error when he mentioned Japan, a country hated by the Chinese. Duterte probably forgot that the Japanese slaughtered millions of Chinese during World War Two.