Sunday, October 23, 2016

Duterte's speech before the Chinese Business Community: A Classic in Philippine Foreign Policy Studies

Does Duterte hate the American government due to its imperialist policies or he just hates the Americans? Judge for yourself what is the truth. Watch this video, and see for yourself what our dear president Rodrigo Roa Duterte told surprised delegates of the Chinese business community, about the Americans, and what is really wrong with the Americans?

Two things I am asking myself: first, Duterte got angry and told the Americans and the Europeans that we, Filipinos are not mendicants. 'We don't want EU aid. We are not mendicants." remember that classic line?

Watch this video and see for yourself how our beloved president practically begged these Chinese businessmen for money. And why, do you ask, Tatay Digong wants Chinese money? Because he hates "5-6", a lending mode being practiced by Indian traders and Filipinos for centuries. Digong wants to end it.

Second, Duterte early in his speeches said, he hates war and will not sacrifice Filipino soldiers' lives to defend Scarborough shoal. Watch this video if that is still the case.

Our president says he hates war but described the audacity of Filipino soldiers in sacrificing their lives in that fateful Mamasapano massacre. " If war is decided by the majority, then Filipinos, according to Tatay Digong, will go to war.

In this speech, Duterte has practically tried to goad both China and the United States to war, and even dragged Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam to the mix. He even described America as bankrupt and without money. That's why he is veering towards China.

And why Duterte likes China? China, he says, does not go around insulting other people, as if the occupation of those islets and shoals in our Exclusive Economic Zone, not an insult. Galing talaga ni Tatay Digong! Long live Duterte!

He even describes China "without money and afflicted with paranoia". When he noticed the faux pas, Tatay Digong corrected himself and changed it to America.

Our president was very diplomatic and even described Chinese businessmen as "Chinese guy" and rambled, and cursed in Tagalog, and this was before foreign Chinese businessmen.

I am mightily proud of our president. I am proud of being a Filipino, what with a Duterte at the helm. I was surprised to discover that Digong is not just an intelligent lawyer who plays his geo-political cards well, he is also a great salesman. Clap please, clap! Tatay Digong is a strategist. He is a tactician. As what a so-called "political analyst" described him--Duterte really plays this thing very deep, indeed. Hindi maarok ang kanyang mga moves, says this "anal-yst."

Duterte has a firm grasp of Philippine history. He is such an expert.

This is a great speech, a speech which will become a classic in the annals of Filipino diplomatic speeches. This should be compiled and put into a book to be studied by serious Filipino political scientists, especially this analyst who claims to be a very good one.