Thursday, October 20, 2016

Duterte's definition of an Independent Foreign Policy

So, let me get this straight---our beloved president Rodrigo Roa Duterte wants an independent foreign policy. By independent, we meant "free from any influence or more precisely, free from being used by a bigger state in the pursuit of policies favorable to the hegemonic power.

This also meant pursuing policies which are consistent with the principles as enshrined in the Constitution, the basic charter of this country. The goal of such a policy is for the pursuit of the general welfare.

By independent, we mean us, the people, and the State not leaning towards anybody or any other bigger state---just us maintaining good and cordial relations with other states for the benefit of the majority of our people.

For so long, our strategic interests have reflected what the United States of America wanted. It's obvious. At the United Nations, most of the time, the Philippines votes the very same way America do, and our position, not just in military matters but in other matters as well, mirrors that of Uncle Sam. Our strong relations with the United States began when we were a colony. In 1946, we became independent by name, not in practice. And from that time on, we behaved like how the Americans do.
Our ties with America is not skin-deep. The relationship is that of a brother. And the reason is obvious---both countries were founded on Masonic principles. Founders of the first Philippine Republic and that of the Americans were members of Masonry. The basic principles that both countries share came from Masonry---the love of freedom, the pursuit of happiness, the overzealousness in pursuing democratic principles, and the hatred against any form of inhumanity and fascism.

Today, that relationship is ending, what with the pronouncement of our president that we are now shifting our attention, from a US-oriented one, to a China-oriented foreign policy. Our President gave us a reason for doing so---China does not have any plans of conquering us. Our president's definition of "conquer" probably means "colonialism" which, obviously, China did not do and does not intend to do not because there is simply no opportunity to do so---it just so happen that, in the past, China was prevented from doing exactly that, colonize us. And pardon me my President, it was America who defended us from the previous planned predation of China.

Of course, our beloved President would simply disagree with me when I say that "conquer" is simply not synonymous with "territorial occupation". America came here and subdued us. China did not. Of course, why would we call building military facilities at islands we call ours, occupation or a form of conquer? That is simply stupid, says Duterte, our highly esteemed president who brags about being more intelligent than all the heads of state of Europe, the United States and the United Nations.

And after years of protesting China's intrusions, our President came before the Supreme People's Congress and regaled them with his avowed loyalty and subservience. Our dear president even had the temerity of placing himself at par with China and Russia, something which no other president had ever done, not because it is utterly stupid, psychotic or simply audacious--there was simply no occasion that warranted such a declaration.

That is, my friends, how an independent state behaves before other independent states.

So, what is the definition of Duterte of the term "independent"? It means a shift of orientation, not precisely consistent with the real definition of what is independent. It just means that we abandon America and we then go to China for succor. Brilliant!

And why is it brilliant? Because in the event of a global war between America and Russia, Duterte, our beloved Leader, would then, tell us that what he did today was brilliant--it was a splendid move, like how a Grandmaster does a checkmate.