Thursday, October 20, 2016

We created Duterte

With superhuman speed, Duterte signed twelve Memoranda of Understanding with China, that emerging superpower which occupied rocks and islets we call our own. We are being left in the dark, and there is a dearth of information about what these MOUs contain, but, let's just trust our beloved Leader--he is more intelligent than the leaders of the US, EU and the UN combined. Duterte knows what to do.

Duterte is a master tactician that he ended a strategic partnership with the United States and went near China, who happens to be American's big lender. Nevermind if these means more intrusions into Philippine territory or more Chinese exploitation of our natural resources. Never mind if these would entail more Filipinos deep in debt with China or Chinese banks--there's exactly about US$6 billion available for Filipinos.

Of course, for our president, this is better than continue working or having a relationship with the United States. China is giving a lot. America did not give this much money; more of suffering, distress and exploitation. For our president, China is a true ally, not a bully. It is America that is a bully.

So, expect our Philippine Military Academy cadets teaming up with Chinese Communist Party cadres and People's Liberation Army officers and soldiers. Well, this is what we get for electing someone like Duterte who does not have anything to lose and he does not want to gain anything.