Friday, October 21, 2016

People Power

This is just a discussion.

When you say, "people power", do you mean all of THE People or a fraction of the people? I think it is neither.

By people power, we meant the progressive segment of the population acting in unison for change. One does not wait for a mass of people to converge at one place and declare civil disobedience or a revolution no.

IN our modern era, people power means the middle class. When the middle class moves, the entire society moves with them. This class is not just the most progressive but the most concerned with the fate of this country. If this country goes North, the middle class becomes happy. If it goes South, that's bad news for the middle class.

Now, if you are waiting for the economy to conk out or reach negative levels at the stock markets, before the s...t hits the fan, then, you are mistaken. The economy does not need to suffer or experience its primal lows. Every capitalist inspired economy reaches its lowest depths. When the middle class moves and acts as a whole, it can achieve what no other more organized groups failed to do within a period of six months.