Saturday, November 26, 2016

A New Revolution Arises from the Marcos Burial Issue!

US presumptive president Donald Trump's chief strategist says going into darkness is "good" even better. Wrong.

Being into the light means having the capabilities of choosing the right thing for you. Those under darkness survive yes, like robots. They simply are being denied the right to know what is wrong and what is Right.

We, Filipinos, have experienced being under darkness for about 300 years. And in our lifetime, we got to that situation for more than 14 years under the tyranny of a conjugal dictatorship.

We ask--what gives the Marcos family the right to rule over us? Is it because they built those buildings, these bridges and those roads? Did they use their own monies in the first place? No. They used ours. They built those things so that we would be blind and be entertained while they plunder our coffers and distribute it amongst themselves, those who believe that they are superior than every single one of us.

Why did all those administrations fail after Marcos? Is it because their mismanaged the state? Yes, they did. And why? Because our government lacked the monies to revive our economy. After the Marcos family left the Philippines in 1986, our economy was in shambles. We have billions of dollarsd worth of debt, both local and foreign, and there was simply no monies left in the public treasury because these were distributed and stolen by these people close to the dictatorship.

Another factor that led to the failures of previous administration was our adoption of the very same system which supported the dictatorship in the first place. Corazon Aquino was wrong when she decided not to re-engineer the State post-EDSA uno. When she did, Aquino chose to change the governance model and retained the very same system that justified strong man rule in the first place. Aquino just liberated the civil aspect of our slavery and allowed the political and economic systems under the tyranny of Big Business.

This is our story for the past 30 years. The past 30 years saw us struggling economically, trying to find our place in the world, and fixing our international image as a sick man of Asia.

And the past six years saw us moving away from this sickness and becoming the most dynamic and the tiger economy of Asia. We were free. We were happy. And just three quarters more and we would really experience a better life for all.

I fear that all of these would now be lost just because of the mishappened view of 16 million of us who, out of desparation, tried to go near to darkness in exchange of light. Yes, I admit, I am one of them who believed, out of desparation, that we need strong man rule to enable us to punish those who continually steal our people's monies and commit grievous crimes against us by manipulating prices of commodities, especially rates of our electricty and other utilities.

It is clear to everybody who are our enemies---these are the oligarchs who manipulate the market for them to get humongous profits. They are worse than drug lords. Millions of my people suffer every single day because of them.

Our enemy are the bureaucrat capitalists---those who live off public coffers and who shame themselves and their families by providing their dinner tables with food out of their imagined commissions from government projects.

Our enemies are these politicians in our midsts who think highly of themselves as our masters and who believe that they have the God-given Right to get our monies for themselves.

Our enemies are those who sell drugs to our kids, kidnap innocent people among us, and rob our banks and our homes---these are the big-time louses who deserve nothing more than the gallows.

Are we hopeless? No.

This Marcos burial has awakened our Youth. Thousands, nay, millions are now awake and are now readying themselves to fight the resurrection of this ungodly Ideology called Dictatorship.

We don't need strongmen---we need New Patriots who are willing to serve God, Country and Family with utmost dedication and sacrifice of their futures.

The Marcos burial has given us the Spark necessary for the Youth of this Generation to fight, fight for what is Right and condemn what is Wrong.

It is wrong to allow a Strong Man to dictate to us what to do. It is wrong for a Strong Man to kill Filipinos out of a mistaken view of fighting the proliferation of drugs and criminality.

Yes, it is right to eliminate these dregs of society but under a better system where the Innocents are spared from this and only the guilty getting the right punishment for their sins.

It is right to condemn the system of impunity that Big Business is thriving in, and replace it with a better system where economic opportunities abound, and more people are given the opportunities to better their lives and their families.

It is wrong to allow Federalism when the political system is so underdeveloped and being dominated by political families out to manipulate and dominate the system for their own conjugal interests.

Now, it is time to launch an authentic revolution that would show the world that Filipinos like us are still decent people. We love democracy and we only want to create a more freer and more democratic society that allows us, Filipinos, to live in peace and in comfort.

We are now at a juncture when we can rightfully claim that we can build an economic system which can support 100 million lives. Our only problem right now is how to dismantle the hold of Big Business over a huge chunk of our resources, and free these resources for the benefit of the People.

We need of course, to destroy the domination of Big Political families over our political system.

These systems need to be destroyed. And the only way possible is for us to launch a Revolution, yes, a Revolution!!

O, you New Patriots, Filipinos who love this country, arise, and work for the attainment of this Revolution!!! Now is the time for us to change our country!!

Let us not tire of holding on to the Light! Let us love the light and spread it throughout this archiepelago! And let that Light guide us to a better future.

Mabuhay!!! Ipagpatuloy ang Rebolusyon!!

And when this Revolution do, indeed come to fruition, let us not shrink to our duty to God, Country and Family.

Eliminate these enemies from our midsts! Smite them with the People's hammer! Use the People's sickle to destroy counter-revolutionaries! Let us create a New Philippines! This is the Right Time for revolutionists to do what is Right, and condemn what is Wrong. And the peoples of the world will support us.