Saturday, November 26, 2016

Why do we need to militate against Marcos burial?

Many think that the Filipino already forgot the atrocities committed by several men of purient natures thirty five years ago. Many think that we have forgotten all those billions of dollars stolen from our public coffers by the very same men who want nothing more than our adulation and our continued subservience to their wills. And many think that it is now the right time for them to recover their wealth, their status and this country for themselves.

They are wrong.

Nevermore will tyranny reign in these lands, nevermore will one man dominate the lives and futures of the many and nevermore will the Filipino allow his freedom to be trampled upon by those who think they hold the key towards this nation's salvation.

Several generations have never forgotten that sordid affair called Martial law. The scars left by that era are still seen throughout the land.

Look at millions of Filipino families who are still struggling for survival, those families who lost their loved ones and those who suffered the brutalities of a regime who wanted nothing more than further enslave the slaves.

For thirty years, we have slowly recovered, and we have once more re-discovered ourselves, and for that, regained the respect of the entire world. We, the People, are serious when we told the world enough is enough and we want to be free, free from the inanities of One Family who thinks they own us.

We, this generation of Filipinos should rise up, rise up and fight! Fight for the liberties we have enjoyed for years. Fight for the restitution of our values which the Marcoses tried to steal from us.

Fight and launch a true revolution, o you fellow Filipinos!! Fight for the right to be free! Fight for the right to have our own futures carved by us! Fight for the poor, the widows and the orphans around us!Let us not allow this burial because by doing so, we have just wagered our future, and we have just told the world that we have accepted the revival of Fascism.

If we succeed in this upcoming revolution, let us do the right thing---annihilate those who caused our miseries. Jail them. Exile them somewhere. Kill those who would resist us.