Friday, November 18, 2016


Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte initially hesitated on that 24 hour trip to Peru. But, after reading what Russian president Putin did, which was, get Russia out of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Duterte had a change of mind. And many people expected it.

In his China trip, Duterte was the first one to announce to the entire world, a triumvirate of sorts, which includes the Philippines, China and Russia. Some say, Duterte's pronouncement was the 21st century version of the Axis Powers, which former German dictator Adolf Hitler led alongside Imperial Japan and Benito Mussolini's Italy. Now, what is being promoted is what I call the Asian Axis of Powers, an animal which packs an apocalyptic power deadlier than that of the EWurpean-inspired Axis powers. And like other deranged leaders who salivate on conquering the peoples of the world, Duterte thinks he is now at par with the rest of those whose hands dripped of the blood of their own peoples.

Seventy years ago, it was the ideology of intolerance that encouraged Germany to partner up with Italy and Japan. These three wanted nothing more than annihilate the rest of the world, and people it with their kind. Of course, the Germans wanted nothing more than see only blond people walking the face of the earth, and none of the kinks and had they succeeded, Hitler's Germany would have waged war against the other Axis powers, and the world would have seen only the Great Aryan Race walking and enjoying all the blessings of God, while the rest of us are probably working the mines or worse, being experimented upon inside thousands of German death camps. Or, we are likely be a few feet buried under the ground.

Right now, it is Putin, the Great Vlad, that wears Hitler's cape while China probably mimicked the Fascism of Mussolini, albeit, of the extreme Socialist kind, while, what about Duterte? Of course, Duterte thinks he has the credentials worthy of Li's and Putin's consideration---he, admittedly, inspired his own police force to turn into an efficient killing machine and look at how he and his cops already did----Filipino cops have already killed 4,000 plus of their own people and if we are to believe Duterte, there are still 2,600,000 more out there to find and murder.

Duterte wears his badge like a proud Meister. He thinks he's right and is doing the right sacrifice for his people. Like Putin, Duterte thinks killing people is the righteous way to go about his overzealous campaign against drug addiction.

A few days from now, and we will all wake up and find that there is a so-called "New World Order." This "new world order" is expected to include us, the Filipinos, all because of Duterte.

Yes, while we led the rest of the world after World War two in creating the United Nations so that all nations of the world would avoid killing each other over racism and intolerance, we are forgetting all of that, and is veering towards a "world order" that is far from being tolerant of other races and beliefs.

Of course, Duterte will say that this concept is "new" and I agree.

For the past few years, the world has transformed into a more livable place, a world that understands tolerance and cognizant of rights, of a world that lives "by the law", and a world that now sees everybody as genetically linked, thanks to advances in genome study.

Now, leaders like Duterte wants the world to turn its head upside down and reject the notion of a free world. Duterte wants nothing more than kill 3 million plus of his people to save 100 million more. And Duterte wants to see his people with their heads bowed in submission, before him, He Who Claims to be Smarter than Any other scumbag in the world.

What is "new" in this "new world order" is its cast---a bunch of Hitler wannabes whose claim to fame is that they ordered the slaughter of their own people, the very same ones whom they promised to "protect and safeguard their rights."

How do China treat dissidents or those Hongkongers who longed for freedom? They kill them by mowing them with their tanks. How did Putin deal with those who question his leadership? He had them all killed. And how, mind you, did Duterte inspired his security forces under his disposal? Duterte inspired them to go out like hunting dogs, hunt for people who use and sell drugs or even those whom these cops only suspect of being involved in drugs or plain and simply, they just hate or see people who look like addicts.

Obviously, there is nothing new about this new world order except that it a step backward, a step towards darkness, a rage against intellectualism and humanism and a noisy promotion of sectarianism, hatred and intolerance.

Yes, my son, we are going into war, a war that will put humanity back several thousands of years ago, when we kill because we hate how a person looks like, or we see zombies out of hapless drug dependents and spare those who supply these dependents with their drugs.

Yes, we are entering an era where we want just one idea to rule the world, just one look for people and just one style for people to wear. Let's throw out diversity and embrace unitarianism. Let's create our own version of order out of a perceived disorder and let's harmonize the economies of the world into one so that just one group of people continue their own domination, while we allow billions to just live like slaves working for the new order.

New world order? I dare these scumbags to just do their thing and enslave the world. And let them meet the same fate of their predecessors who once believed they were the dominant race when simply, they were the most foolish.